Google is an Internet Search company with profits mainly derived from its AdWords advertising program. Google is also known for other high-profile web-related products such as Chrome, GMail, Google Docs or Google Map, and it has also made a very successful entry into the mobile handset market with its Android mobile operating system. The company was created in 1998 and went public in 2004. Google is one of the most visited site in the world.

Gmail Bug Would Have Allowed Attackers To Spoof Emails
One of the ways that might result in your online accounts getting compromised is to fall prey to scam emails. While it might be easy to recognize an email as being spam, sometimes when the attacker uses spoofing to trick users into believing it’s a legitimate email, that’s when the trouble begins.

Google Pixel 5 Specs Reveal Mid-Range Hardware
It seems that this year’s Pixel smartphones could be a bit disappointing for those who might have been waiting for flagship hardware. This is according to a recent report from Android Central who have published the alleged specs of Google’s upcoming Pixel 5, which some have rightfully expected to come with higher-end specs.

Android And Chrome OS Will Soon Sync WiFi Passwords
One of the nifty features of the iOS and macOS ecosystem is that they all work hand in hand. This is especially useful if you have a new device and need to connect to the WiFi, in which you can actually sync the password of the WiFi network from an older device with the new one, saving you some time.

Developers’ Beef With Apple’s In-App Purchase System Just Went International
For nearly a decade, Apple has its own in-app purchase system in which developers can sell items within an app, like a subscription, additional content, cosmetics for games, and so on. Apple usually takes a 30% cut, and for the longest time ever, most developers seemed fine with it (maybe not necessarily happy, but no one really spoke up).


Google Maps Is About To Get More Colorful And More Detailed
There are many things to like about Google Maps due to the various functions and features that are available as part of the service. However, if you felt that Google Maps has always felt a bit too “flat” and you wouldn’t mind it looking a bit more colorful or include more details, then you’re in luck.

Google Meet Now Available Through Chromecast
Last week, it was suggested that Google could be planning on replacing Duo with Meet. Given that Google has been working to integrate Meet into more of its products, such as Gmail, we can’t say we’re surprised if the rumors were true. Now it looks like there could be more evidence of this happening.

Chrome Will Start Labeling Websites That Load Fast
When it comes to the web experience, obviously web design and its user interface plays a vital role in allowing users to have a good experience. However, there are other factors to consider, such as page loading times. After all, what good is having a fantastic website design if the pages take forever to load?

Chrome Will Warn User About Insecure Forms
Forms can be found across the internet whenever you want to make a purchase, sign up for a service, fill out a questionnaire, and so on. However, there is the question of whether or not these forms are secure? Will hackers be able to read or intercept these forms and steal your personal information?

Google Images Now Highlights Licensable Images
The problem with Google Images is that anyone can search for an image, download it, and use it without giving proper credit. This can be incredibly frustrating for professional photographers who might be trying to sell their images, only to have it stolen and used without due compensation.

Grand Theft Auto V Could Be Headed To Google Stadia
Just like video streaming platforms, game streaming platforms are really only as good as the games that are offered with it. It looks like Google Stadia could soon be gaining a pretty big title because according to a tweet by Rockstar Mag (which is an unofficial account for Rockstar-related news), Grand Theft Auto V could be coming to Stadia soon.

Google Experimenting With New Chrome Battery Saving Features
Google’s Chrome browser is packed full of features that makes it a great browser to use. However, for those with older computers, laptops, or computers that aren’t quite as powerful, Chrome has been known to be a bit of a resource and battery hog. The good news is that Google is working on fixing those issues.

Google Might Replace Duo With Meet
Google has made many attempts over the years at creating video calling apps. Admittedly this has created something of a confusing situation as users probably don’t know which to use. Right now, Google has Duo and Meet, so like we said, there is the question of which app should users use?

Google Pixel 5 Might Only Come In An XL Variant
For the past few years, without fail, Google releases a new Pixel phone that comes in two sizes. One is the base size and the other is an “XL” version. However, it seems that this year could be different as Google might only release the XL version of the upcoming Pixel 5 handset that will be announced this fall.

Google Wants To Make It Easier To Develop Apps For ChromeOS
If there is a reason why Google’s ChromeOS platform isn’t quite as mainstream compared to Windows or macOS, the limited number of apps could be cited as a possible reason why. After all, a platform is only as good as the features it can offer its users. While there’s nothing wrong with ChromeOS, having more apps available could help make it a more attractive alternative to Windows or macOS.