GoPro Has Given Up On Drones

GoPro unveiled its much-rumored Karma consumer drone in late 2016 and released it a few months later. However, the company had to recall all units in November last year due to a battery issue that caused its drones to just fall out of the sky. The Karma was re-released a few months back but it didn’t really hold its own against competitors like DJI. GoPro’s drone ambitions have come to […]

Buy GoPro Karma Drone Once Again Starting Today

GoPro launched its much-awaited Karma drone last year but the company had to recall the drone prior to the lucrative holiday shopping season because some units just fell out of the sky. It decided to recall each and every unit to fix the problem and hopefully have its first drone back out on the market by the new year. If you’ve been meaning to pick one up, rejoice, because you […]

GoPro Karma Relaunch Details Will Be Confirmed Next Month

GoPro teased its Karma drone for a very long time before finally releasing it last year. The launch didn’t go as smoothly as the company would have hoped. Following incidents of several units losing power and crashing to the ground, GoPro decided to recall the Karma drone. It hasn’t said anything about the Karma drone at this point in time but we can now expect it to talk about the […]

GoPro Giving Free Hero5 Action Camera After Karma Drone Refund

GoPro recently launched its first drone but the launch didn’t go as planned. There was so much hype surrounding this product and the company certainly enjoyed getting attention because of it. However, the GoPro Karma drone didn’t perform as well as the company would have hoped. Last week the company officially confirmed the recall of its Karma drone. It has now confirmed that customers in the U.S. who picked up […]


GoPro’s Passenger App Lets You Piggyback Nearby Karma Drones

GoPro despite being seen as more of an action camera manufacturer has always had close ties to drones. This is because due to the camera’s small and lightweight stature, many drone users have in the past used GoPro cameras and mounted them on drones for recording. This was at least until more drone makers started to include cameras of their own.

DJI Launches Mavic Pro Foldable Drone

Merely a week after GoPro launched its first drone which is called Karma and happens to be foldable, DJI today introduced a new foldable drone called the Mavic Pro. Like the Karma, the DJI drone is said to be versatile enough to fit inside a backpack. DJI has come up with an interesting folding system which folds the front two arms into the body and the rear arms underneath the […]

GoPro Hero5 Black And Session Action Cameras Now Official

GoPro has announced a couple of new products today at an event in Northern California. The company’s highly anticipated Karma drone has been made official today and we now know how much it costs and when it’s going to be released. The rumored Hero5 action camera has been officially announced as well, two models have been announced today, the Hero5 Black and the Hero5 Session.

GoPro Karma Drone Price And Release Date Confirmed

GoPro has teased its Karma drone on several occasions in the past and today the company finally launched its first drone ever. GoPro cameras are often attached to drones to capture amazing footage so it makes perfect sense for the company to make one on its own. The GoPro Karma drone promises portability and robust performance for a price lower than what comparable drones from DJI cost.

GoPro Karma Drone Will Be Unveiled On September 19th

GoPro confirmed quite a long time ago that it’s making a drone, it’s first ever, and today the company has confirmed when it’s going to formally unveil the new product. GoPro makes great action cameras that have long been attached to drones to capture breathtaking footage so it makes complete sense for the company to make a similar product.