GoPro teased its Karma drone for a very long time before finally releasing it last year. The launch didn’t go as smoothly as the company would have hoped. Following incidents of several units losing power and crashing to the ground, GoPro decided to recall the Karma drone. It hasn’t said anything about the Karma drone at this point in time but we can now expect it to talk about the GoPro Karma relaunch in February.

GoPro has basically been silent about the Karma relaunch ever since the drone was recalled in November last year. It’s not giving away too much right now as well but the company has said that it’s going to talk about the Karma’s worldwide relaunch in February 2017.

The company is now close to completing its investigation so it will soon be able to share why some units lost power unexpectedly and ended up crashing the entire drone, which isn’t inexpensive.

Once it gets that out of the way, the company will be able to start selling its first drone on the market again, but whether or not people remain interested in picking one up remains to be seen.

Nobody can say for sure if the Karma will perform as well as it could have had there been no recall, only time will tell.

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