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Gran Turismo 7 With Standard Cars In The Pipeline
Back in November last year Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi said that Gran Turismo 7 will be released in the 2014. He made the announcement when GT6 had barely launched, yet it was a welcome announcement nonetheless. The sequel to this legendary racing simulator is now in the pipeline, with standard cars that have been with the franchise since the PlayStation 2 era staying onboard for PlayStation 4 as well.

Gran Turismo 6 Update Delivers Senna Tribute, Mitsubishi Vision GT
In the latest Gran Turismo update version 1.08, we will see the introduction of the Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV Evolution Vision GT that ought to set pulses racing. It makes use of advanced development technology from the Plug-in Hybrid EV System, ensuring that those who want additional horses from underneath the hood can enjoy it spontaneously with but a single tap of the “accelerator”, so to speak, where such power and […]

Gran Turismo 6 Remembers Ayrton Senna
It has been 20 years since three time F1 champion Ayrton Senna left this world, and Polyphony Digital (does the name ring a bell? That is because they happen to be the very same people behind the Gran Turismo series of games) have worked closely with Ayrton Senna’s Institute (IAS), resulting in an official Ayrton Senna Tribute website as well as brand new Senna-inspired Gran Turismo 6 content for this […]

Toyota Sports Drive Logger Replays Circuit Runs At Home
Toyota has decided to blur the lines between virtual and real-life car racing, thanks to a brand new accessory for its 86 (which is also called the GT86 and Scion FR-S in select markets) sports car. With the new Sports Drive Logger, drivers are able to record their lap times as well as relevant data, before opting to upload such information to the Gran Turismo 6 video game, so that […]


Gran Turismo 6 Update Introduces New Features
If you are an avid player of Gran Turismo 6, I am quite sure that you would have been on the lookout for the latest updates to the game. It seems that in Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 6 latest update, it will arrive with a slew of new features which include multi-monitor compatibility. In Update 1.05, one will be able to access Multi-Monitor Settings that have been thrown into the […]

Gran Turismo Documentary KAZ Is Now On YouTube
If there is one thing about YouTube, it would be this – all of the videos are free to watch as there is no subscription fee for the masses (generally speaking, of course), although certain videos do require you to key in your birth date before you are able to check out its content. Well, we are pleased as punch to announce that KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Divide, which happens […]

Gran Turismo 6 Debut Not As Successful As GT5 In Japan
Gran Turismo is a gaming franchise that has certainly earned plenty of accolades ever since it was released, and over the years, we have seen a fair number of versions roll out, with just about all of them being great successes. In their latest outing over at the Land of the Rising Sun, Gran Turismo 6’s sales has paled in comparison to that of its predecessor, Gran Turismo 5, managing […]

Gran Turismo Documentary Coming Your Way
When was your very first exposure to the video game franchise known as Gran Turismo, or GT for short? Well, we do know that time certainly flies when you are having fun, so it is rather interesting to note that Gran Turismo has recently turned 15, and there was this celebration to commemorate the 15th Year Anniversary of Gran Turismo. To make matters all the more interesting, there has been […]

Sony Confirms Gran Turismo Movie, Details Remain Scarce
Yesterday we reported on a rumor that Sony was interested in turning their Gran Turismo racing game franchise into a movie, and now it looks like the rumor turned out to be true after all! This was confirmed by a SCE UK spokesperson who acknowledged that a movie was being made, although they did not share any details about it, such as possible storylines, a cast, and when it could […]

Gran Turismo Movie Being Considered By Sony [Rumor]
There are plenty of racing movies in the past and with plenty coming up in the future, such as the next installment of Fast & The Furious, as well as the movie version of Need For Speed. Well it looks like Need For Speed will not be the only racing game getting a movie of its own because word on the street (via The Wrap) is that Sony is looking […]

Gran Turismo 6 Demo Out This July 2
Gran Turismo 6 demo is set to roll out later this July 2nd.

Gran Turismo 6 Confirmed To Release Holiday 2013 On PS3
Gran Turismo 6 has been expected to be announced some time this week and earlier today, we caught a glimpse of the game’s page on the official Gran Turismo website. Now, it looks as though a leaked press release has reportedly confirmed Gran Turismo 6 will be made available this holiday season.The leaked press release, which was obtained by iAfrica, has yet to make it into our inbox, but a number of […]

Gran Turismo 6 Appears On Newegg
If you are one who absolutely loves the racing simulator Gran Turismo, and have followed the game right from the very beginning of the series, then you might be interested to hear that retail site has already made available a pre-order page for Gran Turismo 6. Of course, even more interesting is the fact that just as soon as the listing went live, it was taken down all too […]

Gran Turismo 5 update 2.08 arriving soon with trio of new cars
There is nothing quite like a patch for a game to keep it running more smoothly than ever before, squashing whatever known bugs there are in the process. Apart from that, introducing newer downloadable content (DLC) would also go a long way in extending the longevity of the title, and this is exactly what Gran Turismo 5 can boast of this morning – a trio of new DLCs and word […]