gt6If you are one who absolutely loves the racing simulator Gran Turismo, and have followed the game right from the very beginning of the series, then you might be interested to hear that retail site has already made available a pre-order page for Gran Turismo 6. Of course, even more interesting is the fact that just as soon as the listing went live, it was taken down all too soon, but with the Internet being what it is, and folks never too far away from a Prt Sc key on the keyboard, you can be sure that there are screenshots shared online as “proof” that Newegg actually placed such a pre-order page.


What other information could be gleaned from this quick exercise? Well, it seems that the potential release date for Gran Turismo has been slated for a November 11 release later this year, and of course, we would take this particular date with a grain of salt especially when you consider how Sony has not commented a single thing concerning this leak, but it would not be too far fetched to believe either that Gran Turismo 6’s pre-order listing was removed just as quickly as it was put up with some intervention from the folks over at Sony.

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