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Groupon India's Website Crashed After Onion Deal Is Too Good To Pass Up
For a lot of us, onions are just another food item, an ingredient used to make dishes, but in countries such as India, onions are an essential ingredient in a lot of their food to the extent that when Groupon India offered onions at a massive bargain, the demand for the item was so large that it actually crashed Groupon India’s website! The deal basically offered those living in India […]

Nokia Announces New App Partnerships at CTIA Wireless
Today at CTIA Wireless – the show for “all things mobile”, the Finnish mobile manufacturer, Nokia announced a plethora of new and extended application-based partners that are touted to bring leading and exclusive titles to the Lumia smartphone range. These newly announced applications will be part of the 80,000 applications currently available on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Senior Vice President of Nokia Developer, Marco Argenti said,

Deal Wallet Helps You Organize Your Groupon Deals
Groupon is great, it provides you with excellent deals but at the same time it makes you spend money on things that you would normally not have spent on. Even if you found a deal for a restaurant meal going at $100 instead of $200, it’s still $100 you ended up spending when you could have saved it or spent it on something else. However Groupon does bring about great […]

Facebook Deals is On
Leaked earlier by the NYTimes (the page has been removed, but is back for good), the “Groupon-like” service Facebook Deals is set to launch at midnight. Like its competitors Groupon and LivingSocial, this is a group-buying service that will offer deep discounts to buyers, under the condition that the transaction reaches a critical mass of users. Just like Groupon, Facebook will send deals via email. However, it also plans to […]


Facebook to offer Groupon-style deals to its users
After having some success with location-based deals with their Places feature, it looks like Facebook has plans to expand their discount/promo service to being more than just for check-ins. It has been reported that Facebook plans to test a Groupon-inspired service for their users in San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, Atlanta and Austin. With 500 million+ Facebook users, the social network definitely has a larger audience than other discount services […]

Groupon valued at $15 billion
When Facebook was valued at $50 billion, many folks were left screaming “what?” Now it seems that we might be in for another round of such statements as the latest reports value Groupon around $15 billion or more, which is more than double the $6 billion that Google was rumored to be offering the company a few months back. Apparently the company is seriously discussing the possibility of going public […]