Groupon is great, it provides you with excellent deals but at the same time it makes you spend money on things that you would normally not have spent on. Even if you found a deal for a restaurant meal going at $100 instead of $200, it’s still $100 you ended up spending when you could have saved it or spent it on something else. However Groupon does bring about great deals for when you do want to spend but sometimes having all these deals could make you lose track of what you have and when it expires, which means money gone down the drain.

DealGoRound has recently launched a new app called the Deal Wallet which will help organize all the deals that you have bought from various deal sites such as Groupon or LivingSocial into one location so that you’re aware of what deals you currently have and when they’re valid and on top of that it also allows you to sell your still valid deals that you don’t want any more at a price of your own choosing.

So imagine that you have managed to land a pretty hot deal but a week before you get to use that deal you are called away for a business meeting or have fallen ill and can’t utilize the deal, so all you’d have to do is launch the app and put the deal up for sale on DealGoRound’s marketplace and if someone is interested you get your money back and the person gets the deal and DealGoRound pockets a cool 10% from the sales.

If you’re a Groupon or LivingSocial junkie that buys more deals than he/she can use now you have a way to unload them onto other users and get (some of) your money back. Just head on down to DealGoRound’s website for more details.

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