Hackers are increasingly launching ransomware attacks in order to make a quick buck. They lock down the target’s computer systems and then demand a ransom to decrypt the data. That same thing has happened with New York City’s Monroe College which has been hit by a ransomware attack. The hackers are now demanding $2 million to allow the college to access its computer systems once again.

This attack has locked down Monroe College’s computer systems at campuses in Manhattan, St. Lucia, and New Rochelle. Even its website has been brought down. The ransomware was installed through the college’s network and the hackers are now asking for 170 bitcoins.

That is the equivalent of $2 million to decrypt the entire network. The college hasn’t said so far if it’s going to pay the ransom or restore its data from backups as they work to gradually bring the network back online. “Our sleeves are rolled up and we’re working hard to get everything back up and running,” the college said in a post on its Facebook page.

“The good news is that the college was founded in 1933, so we know how to teach and educate without these tools,” college spokesperson Jackie Ruegger told the Daily News, adding that they’re now finding workarounds for students that take online classes so that they can have their assignments.

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