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Halo Reach Might Not Be Remastered For The Xbox One
To date Microsoft has released several remastered titles from its Halo franchise, with the latest being Halo 3: ODST. Now if you thought that all of Microsoft’s Halo titles will be remastered eventually, you might be disappointed. According to a recent tweet by Xbox head Phil Spencer, Halo Reach might not see a remaster.According to Spencer, he writes that he would like to see Halo Reach come back as a […]

Minecraft Being Played More Than Call of Duty According to Xbox Live Charts
In what will probably bring a large amount of happiness to supporters and fans of indie games, Minecraft has achieved something that hasn’t been seen in quite awhile now; knocking a Call of Duty game out of the top two positions on the Xbox 360’s most-played chart. Just for some deeper clarity, the only game that had the popularity to knock Call of Duty: Black Ops from the number one […]

Halo: Reach M45 tactical shotgun recreated with LEGO
If you’re a fan of Halo, you might be interested in taking a look at this Halo: Reach M45 tactical shotgun that has been recreated using LEGO parts. Pieced together by Nick Jensen, not only does this look pretty darn close to the real thing, but it apparently has some movable parts as well in the form of the sliding pump-action, which when move will actually eject a “shell”! According […]

Halo: Reach demo now on Marketplace
They say that there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world, but when it comes to free downloads, hell yeah! The Halo: Reach demo is now made available to the masses in the form of a free download, but you will need to check its availability in your Xbox LIVE region before you give it a go. Basically, Halo: Reach is the biggest and most ambitious […]


Halo: Reach Generates $200M In Sales On Its First Day
Microsoft has happily revealed that its newly-launched Halo: Reach game has managed to hit $200 million in global sales on its launch day alone. In case you aren’t familiar with the pricing, Reach will be going for $60, with special editions priced at $80 and $250. The $200 million figure marks the biggest launch of any game so far this year and also making it the biggest game Microsoft has ever […]

No Co-op Gaming In Halo: Reach For Xbox 360 Slim 4GB Owners?
There’s some bad news for Halo fans out there who own a 4GB slim Xbox console. Reports are going around that the 4GB version of the console isn’t able to play co-op in the newly-released Halo: Reach as the console doesn’t have enough storage to fit the game. When a user with this version of the console tries to join a co-op campaign, they’re presented with an error message, reminding […]

Microsoft launches Halo: Reach launch with rocket man
Microsoft decided to inject a healthy dose of showmanship with their Halo: Reach launch in Trafalgar Square by sending someone flying around in a jetpack earlier this morning. Unfortunately, the timing of 7am isn’t exactly prime time to garner a large audience, but good thing that there is such a thing called video recording that you will be able to view it long after you have brushed your teeth, combed […]

Xbox 360 Halo: Reach Bundle Announced
Remember the leaked Halo: Reach Xbox 360 controller a few hours ago? Well, Microsoft has unveiled a limited edition Halo: Reach bundle at Comic-Con today. This edition packs two controllers and the latest Xbox 360, all dressed up in a special silver casing and priced at $399. A copy of Halo: Reach is also included, and you’ll be able to pick it up come September 14th.

Halo: Reach Gets An Xbox 360 Controller
With Halo: Reach just around the corner, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that a Halo-branded product listing briefly appeared on, showing a sleek Halo: Reach branded Xbox 360 controller, which will most likely be released in conjunction with the game. The item has since been removed, but the picture of the device is busy making rounds, and it’s priced at $59.99.

Halo: Reach to come in three versions
Halo: Reach is the next iteration of Halo to hit the video game market, and gamers can choose from a trio of versions that comprise of the vanilla one, a Limited and Legendary editions as well. The Halo: Reach Limited Edition will ship with the journal of Dr. Halsey, a United Nations Space Command patch and a bunch of artifacts alongside additional in-game armour. As for Halo: Reach Legendary Edition, […]