Motorola has also launched an entry-level phone that offers a very compelling screen/body size ratio. Thanks to its thin bezels, the Motorola RAZR M can pack a 4.3 display in a form factor that is about as wide as the iPhone 4S, and a little higher. In some ways, it seems like what Apple is going to shoot for with its upcoming iPhone 5 on Oct 12.  To be fair, it does feel great in the hand, and is very much manageable with a single hand.

In terms of functionality, this is very much what you would get from the Motorola Atrix HD (including the SmartActions!), except that this is a qHD (960×540) 4.3″ display. This phone is not going to set any new records but it is fairly attractive and feels great in the hand. That’s definitely not a smartphone for “geeks” who crave having the most powerful handset (and brag about it).

In my view, this is an affordable phone for those who want a compact, no-nonsense Android smartphone to perform relatively basic  productivity tasks. This is the only phone that has a shipping date (next week) and a set price: $99, at Verizon.

What do you think? given the subsidies, do you feel like Motorola should only produce phones like the RAZR Maxx HD, or do you think that paying up to $200 less on the phone itself is worth building more affordable phones? Do tell in the comments.

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