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Harley-Davidson Looking To Explore Electric Bicycles
Earlier this year, renowned motorbike company Harley-Davidson announced their plans to launch the company’s first electric bike. Dubbed the LiveWire, this is the company’s first all-electric motorbike and it does not come cheap at a starting price of $30,000. However, if you’re looking for something cheaper, the company could be more than happy to oblige.

Harley-Davidson Offer Free Charging For Its Electric Motorcycle
As some of you know, Harley-Davidson has created its own electric motorcycle in the form of the LiveWire. As with electric vehicles, the LiveWire will require charging to keep it juiced up, but the good news is that if you’re the owner of a LiveWire or plan on buying one, you’ll be pleased to learn that Harley-Davidson has announced that these bikes will be eligible for free charging.

First Harley-Davidson Electric Bike Price And Launch Details Confirmed
It has been known for a while now that iconic motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has been working on its first all-electric product. The company has now provided the price and launch details for this motorcycle. It’s going to be quite expensive compared to some other electric motorcycles currently available on the market, but then again, they’re not Harley-Davidsons.

Harley-Davidson’s Electric Motorcycle Will Debut In 2019
For the most part when you think about powerful vehicles like supercars and superbikes, you wouldn’t necessarily consider them to be fuel efficient. After all the focus on these vehicles would be their raw power, which would no doubt take a lot of fuel to power to begin with. However over the years we’ve started seeing some of these companies create more “green” alternatives.


Harley-Davidson To Launch Its First Electric Motorcycle
Harley-Davidson is an iconic American motorcycle manufacturer that has a very passionate customer base. Four years after unveiling its LiveWire project which was an all-electric motorcycle prototype used in the Avengers movie series, the company has finally confirmed that it’s going to launch its first all-electric motorcycle in the not too distant future. The company made this confirmation during a routine earnings call.

Electric Harley-Davidson Expected In The Next 5 Years
When you think of huge and loud motorcycles, chances are you could be thinking of brands like Harley-Davidson, which in all honesty aren’t bought by motorcycle enthusiasts because of how fuel-efficient they are. Chances are they are bought because of their performance, their looks, and the lifestyle it advertises.

Harley-Davidson’s Project LiveWire Revealed
It was just yesterday when we brought you a quick glance at Harley-Davidson’s teaser for an upcoming electric motorcycle, and here we are with the full look. Also known as Project LiveWire, this unique motorcycle will be making its way around the U.S. to the end of this year. While Harley-Davidson is famous for its iconic brand and big touring bikes, taking the electric motorcycle route is definitely going to […]

Harley Davidson Looks At First Electric Motorcycle
I suppose for many of us who absolutely love superbikes and the roar of their engines, there is nothing quite like the equal to that of the sound of a Harley-Davidson that tears down the street. However, such fuel-based engines might soon be accompanied by a greener and cleaner version from headquarters, as it does look as though Harley-Davidson might be working on its first electric motorcycle ever, at least […]