I suppose for many of us who absolutely love superbikes and the roar of their engines, there is nothing quite like the equal to that of the sound of a Harley-Davidson that tears down the street. However, such fuel-based engines might soon be accompanied by a greener and cleaner version from headquarters, as it does look as though Harley-Davidson might be working on its first electric motorcycle ever, at least according to the YouTube teaser as seen above. Just like the Flash, the motorcycle zooms down a section of the fabled Route 66 in a blur, without giving us a clear look at how the two wheeler is like.

You can forget about the growling sound of the engine with an electric motorcycle, since we all just about know that this is not how things are going to be. What it sounds like, however, is more akin to a jet taking off, and we do wonder just what kind of range does this ride pack, in addition to the amount of juice that the battery will be able to carry. Not only that, there are also charging considerations to take into account. The video has been titled “06.19.14.” alongside an accompanying countdown which will expire tomorrow at 8AM ET, so hopefully more will be revealed in due time. How much do you think one of these puppies will cost?

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