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SmartDiagnosis CardiVu Contactless Heart Rate Monitoring
CardiVu is an accurate heart-rate monitoring app that works without having any sensor on your skin and blends transparently into your smartphone routine. We’ve looked at the latest version during CES 2020.

MIT Develops Algorithm To Measure Heart Rates From Ordinary Video
MIT has developed an algorithm that can measure a person's heart rate just from an ordinary video.

Hearth Fire trademark registered, possible Skyrim DLC?
It wasn’t too long ago when Bethesda officially announced the first DLC for Skyrim dubbed Dawnguard. Details of the DLC were a bit scarce although it is expected to be detailed at E3 which will be taking place next week, and is also expected to see a release in the summer. Apart from Dawnguard, does Bethesda have other DLCs planned for Skyrim in the future? It is safe to presume […]

Cardiocam mirror displays heart rate
The next time you stand in front of your mirror at home, take a closer look at all the lines on your face, instead of concentrating only on whether your tie is properly put on or not. Do you think that the crow’s feet that appear out of nowhere are a surefire indication that you’re getting on in your age? If that’s the case, it might be better to go […]


Is Wii Vitality Sensor dead or alive?
First unveiled over three years ago at E3 2009, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said that the next big leap for the Wii Remote would be the Wii Vitality Sensor. It was basically a finger sensor that could read heart beats and then translate those pulses into statistical information fed to a game. Everybody assumed that Nintendo would release some kind of extended version of Wii Fit with the dongle, but […]

Pulsar earphones can detect your heart rate
Think that your headphones should do more than just deliver music to your ears? Well, the Pulsar headphones are a result of collaboration between the European Space Agency and the Swiss tech company CSEM. Using existing ESA technology, the earphones send an inrared signal through your ear tissue/cartilage, reading your heart rate and sends it back to the device. The prototype currently works with an iPhone and features a special […]

Pen designed to measure and reduce stress
Stress is definitely something that we’d all love to have less of, and now researchers out there have come up with a pen that not only measures stress levels, but is capable of helping you lower your heart rate too. The pen features built-in electronics and electromagnets to detect faster, jerkier movements that are commonly associated with stress and will gradually become more difficult to move around, encouraging users to […]

60beat iPhone heart rate monitor
Name us something that the iPhone cannot do in the comments, and weigh against what it can do, before coming to your own conclusion on whether to purchase it or not. For sure it cannot stop global warming, but at least we now know it can also monitor your heart rate courtesy of the 60beat iPhone heart rate monitor. This app will log your heart rate and combine it with […]