Skyrim 1.5It wasn’t too long ago when Bethesda officially announced the first DLC for Skyrim dubbed Dawnguard. Details of the DLC were a bit scarce although it is expected to be detailed at E3 which will be taking place next week, and is also expected to see a release in the summer. Apart from Dawnguard, does Bethesda have other DLCs planned for Skyrim in the future? It is safe to presume that given the popularity of game, we’re sure that Bethesda has plans to ensure it will last them for quite a while and Zenimax, Bethesda’s parent company, was spotted recently filing for a trademark for the name “Hearth Fire”.

According to the folks at Fusible, the Hearth Fire moniker is taken from the “2920, vol 09 – Hearth Fire” skill book, which gives players the skills to summon creatures from beyond the dead along with forging weapons made from soul energy. Unfortunately apart from the name, little to nothing else is known, but given that nothing has been confirmed yet we suggest not getting your hopes up. So until Bethesda says otherwise, it looks like you guys will have to be content with Dawnguard, so be sure to check back with us during E3 for the details.

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