HEX Stealth iPhone 4/4S case

When it comes to a protective case for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, you can say that there are aplenty to choose from in the open market. Very rarely does one pop up once in a while to stand heads and shoulders above the rest – but the HEX Stealth iPhone 4/4S case certainly looks set to fit that criteria. The Stealth delivers protection of the phone from knocks, […]

HEX Vision Classic Leather Watch Band for iPod Nano released

HEX, a company known for its iPod Nano watch straps has announced the availability of its new Vision Classic Leather Watch Band line. Available in four colors – black, white, British tan and grey, the straps are made from high-quality genuine leather with topstitched embroidered edges. The Vision Classic Leather Watch Band line give your iPod Nano “watch” a classy look that can be easily mistaken for a real watch […]

HEX Recon and Varsity messenger bags let you carry your tablet in style

[CES 2012] At CES 2012, HEX demonstrated its Recon and Varsity bag collections. Designed to carry your tablets and laptops in style, these messenger bags have a unique feature that you don’t see in other bags: an “easy access iPad bay”. This compartment on the side of the bag allows you to store your iPad or any other similar-sized tablet for easy access. This means that you’ll be able to […]

HEX expands Icon watch band for the iPod nano

Case manufacturers and watch band manufacturers for the iPod nano must be breathing a huge sigh of relief, as Apple had announced yesterday that apart from some tweaks in software, the hardware (including design and dimensions) of the iPod nano remain largely untouched. Capitalizing on this, HEX has unveiled today their new line of Icon watch bands for the iPod nano.


HEX Vision Metal and Vision Leather bands launched

HEX has just rolled out its Vision Metal and Vision Leather bands online on both its own web site as well as Apple.com. The Vision will integrate the sixth generation iPod nano, bringing classic timepiece sophistication and modern tech functionality to HEX’s range of watch bands, while making sure you wear something stylish around your wrist each time you go out with your iPod nano in tow. 

HEX Sport Watch Band plays nice with Nike+

Some of sus need an extremely quiet place to do our reading and reflection, while others don’t mind having the impetus of music driving them on. HEX caters for the latter with their Sport Watch Band which is compatible with Nike+, where you can plug in the Nike+ conveniently into the cut-out port, while your latest generation iPod nano is a snap to be thrown into th emix as well. […]

HEX Watch Band for iPod nano

The iPod nano has become a rather popular candidate for a watch, what with the idea of an accessory that holds the iPod nano on a strap that you slap around your wrist. Well, HEX has decided to take the plunge as well with the HEX Watch Band for iPod nano. Needless to say, this model will play nice only with the sixth generation of the iPod nano, and will […]

Hex iPod Nano Band Turns It Into A Sneaky Watch MP3 Player

Apple’s new iPod nano has created a market for accessories to turn the MP3 player into a watch and Hex is looking to cash in on the scenario too, offering a watch band for $24.95. The good news is that this watch band looks pretty good and there is even an opening for the earphone cable to go in, allowing you to thread the earphone through your sleeve and hide […]