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Classic Video Game Controller Ornaments Pay Homage To Controllers Of Yesteryear
With every day that passes, we’re getting closer and closer to the holiday season. That means you can expect your wallet to get significantly lighter as you’ll be purchasing presents for everyone you’ve ever met throughout the holiday season. If you celebrate Christmas and enjoying showing your love for classic video games, then this classic video game controller ornament set will be the perfect addition to your Christmas tree this […]

Say Merry Christmas with Skype
If you’ve been sending out cards to your friends and family every season, and you’re getting tired of doing it, Skype has got the solution for you with its latest service: Say it with Skype. Launched earlier this year, Say it with Skype lets users (both Skype and non-Skype users) create a virtual card featuring a selected artist of your choice that can be personalized with custom messages and names. […]

Bang & Olufsen 2011 holiday collection announced
A surefire way of kicking the economy in the butt would be to spend money – lots of it, and you certainly can’t go wrong if you decide to bring home a little bit of Bang & Olufsen into your living room. In fact, the company wants to seduce you this holiday season with a bunch of devices and products that is sure to set your pulse racing and wallet […]

HTC Holiday takes a break at the FCC
So someone in Australia has already gotten hold of the HTC Holiday which is slated for a 2012 release in that part of the world, but what about us folks living Stateside? Perhaps in the same vein as that of the Kobo Vox’s appearance on the FCC followed shortly by a potential release date, the HTC Holiday has arrived at the FCC and might soon hit AT&T’s LTE network faster […]


HTC Holiday spotted again
The HTC Holiday previously surfaced in leaked photographs taken by Mr. Blurrycam, but this time around, somebody who managed to get his/her hands on the phone took some good quality photographs showing us the phone in all its glory. The folks over at BGR managed to get some exclusive photographs of the phone and have been kind enough to show it to the world.The HTC Holiday is said to be […]

HTC Holiday rocks with AT&T
It does seem as though AT&T will be delivering the HTC Holiday this coming fall – and we aren’t talking about just the HSPA+ models only, as it does seem as though the HTC Holiday will also be one of the “pioneers” of smartphones to roll out while playing nice with AT&T’s LTE markets.What will your eyes be able to experience with this particular model? How about a really, really […]

KAYAK Explore helps plan your perfect vacation
Unsure where to go for your next holiday destination or know where to go but don’t know what to do? Fortunately there are plenty of solutions out there to help you with that problem. KAYAK has recently launched KAYAK Explore – an interactive travel planning app that helps you to plan the perfect vacation. KAYAK Explore lets users search for the best rates and resorts all over the world.

HTC Holiday to go global?
We caught sight of the HTC Holiday which was running in the wild earlier this morning, but here are the latest developments on the upcoming smartphone – it seems that this particular high-end model might not end up as an AT&T exclusive, as there is new evidence which points it towards a worldwide release. Yes sir, the HTC Holiday has also listed Europe and Asia as part of the countries […]