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Harman Kardon BDS Series announced
Mention Harman Kardon and you know that quality audio is at the top of the list, so if you have an affinity for the company, then you might want to look forward to their latest BDS Series of integrated home entertainment systems, and they are the Harman Kardon BDS 400 and Harman Kardon BDS 800. Both offerings deliver rich connectivity options for digital devices and supreme cinema sound, featuring a […]

VUDU now available on Sony 2011 connected Blue-ray disc players
Great news for subscribers of the VUDU HD video streaming service, the company has just announced that VUDU will now be accessible from more devices. All of Sony’s Blu-ray disc players and Blu-ray disc home theater systems that were released this year will support 1080p video streaming content in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound through VUDU’s service. In addition to regular HD and HDX videos, users with 3D-enabled devices will […]

Star Wars inspired home looks awesome
I’m not a massive fan of Star Wars, but I know how to appreciate a work of art when I see one, and this Star Wars themed home belonging to a fanboy in Hawaii fits into that category. This home taking up 10,000 square feet, this spaceship inspired home is bound to make any Star Wars fan jump for joy just by stepping into the house. It is littered with […]

Onkyo outs 7.1-channel HT-S5400 home-theater-in-a-box
Onkyo has a spanking newhome-theater-in-a-box (HTiB) receiver-and-speaker model that intends to bring the audio pedigree of Onkyo in a convenient packaged home theater system, where it comes in the form of the 7.1-channel Onkyo HT-S5400. Offering the latest implementation of the HDMIconnectivity standard alongside support for 3D video, lossless audio from Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, it will also come with an Audio Return Channel that sends an audio […]


Sonnex 24X8 Multiroom Audio System
Crestron has just announced their Sonnex 24X8 Multiroom Audio System, and not only that, it is ready for shipping. Home theater buffs will probably be the only segment of our readers who will be interested in this device, since it is capable of transmitting up to 48 channels of uncompressed 24-bit HD audio through long distances across a single shielded CAT5-type cable – and up to 74 zones to boot. […]

JBL and Mark Levinson offfers Home Theater in a Box
Fancy a HiTB setup (Home Theater in a Box)? Let JBL and Mark Levinson lighten your wallets by as much as $88,000 with their pre-packaged ready-to-go solution. This unique and expensive system should deliver the best that even audiophiles and purists won’t be able to complain. For starters, this Synthesis One Array ML Premier system will comprise of a dozen speakers, a quartet of amplifiers, a surround sound processor, and […]

Sony ES series home theater
Over the Independence Day weekend, Sony decided to entertain you with their new range of ES series home theater hardware, where all of them target custom installations and will only be available via specialty shops. This means it will be pretty exclusive, where each device comes with at least one IR input jack that can be linked to a unified remote control system. As for the receivers, it will also […]

Onkyo Home Theater in a Box
Onkyo is back with their new Home Theater in a Box solution which comprises of three new A/V receivers as well as an equal number of home theater systems. All of them support HDMI 1.4, and they share some common features which are support for decoding lossless Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, 192 kHz/24 bit Burr-Brown PCM1690 DACs, a spanking new onscreen graphical user interface, HDMI Thru support as […]

Stargate Atlantis home theater
Just when you thought that you were the biggest Stargate fan there is, along comes Jacob Yarmuth who backs it up not only with words but money and a passion, resulting in a Stargate Atlantis home theater theme that costs a whopping $70,000. It comes with two Sony megachangers which can accommodate 800 DVDs, accompanied by a 10 foot diagonal circuit screen which can show off a 96″ diagonal image, […]

T.O.O.B. omni-directional digital dome screen
The T.O.O.B. omni-directional digital dome screen will definitely revise how entertainment is played out, as it helps bring the big screen 3D experience right into the middle of your living room thanks to animator and inventor Alexander Marten McDonnell. This home dome screen will target cinephiles, gamers and technology enthusiasts who want to indulge themselves with a small luxury in an immersive environment without having to dip fingers into their […]

AcousticSmart fireplace home theater
Designers from AcousticSmart were called up to build a home theater system from scratch, and in this home, the fireplace was so nice that covering it up would have been unthinkable. Well, the designers decided to make do with what they have by building the home theater around the fireplace to exude an old Victorian feel instead. The walls and ceiling will both feature hard wood paneling coupled with the […]

Kids Get Theater Screen On Ceiling
Do parents sure know how to spoil their kids these days, what with Patti Deni renovating her teenage son’s room by asking Stereo Advantage to include a 100″ display on the ceiling right on top of her offspring’s bed. This display relies on a 98” StarGlas60 display from Stewart Filmscreen, while a mounted NEC NP4001 projector located behind the display uses a short throw lens to fill the screen. Since […]

Sony GIGA Juke HDD Hi-Fi System
Sony aims to consolidate your music collection under the GIGA Juke HDD Hi-Fi system, where the NAS-SC500PK is able to pump out a respectable 100W of power alongside a 160GB hard drive to store all your favorite tunes that are easily accessible. This system is able to support up to five client players simultaneously, featuring a redesigned woofer that ought to make you watch your action movies through it all […]

LG Releases HB954TBW
LG of Korea just rolled out their HB954TBW Blu-Ray 5.1 Home Theater combo system that comes equipped with an iPod dock. Very little else is known about this, although LG Korea did mention the fact that the HB954TBW is able to accept virtually ALL iPods – that’s a rather strong claim to follow up, but it is good news for folks who still have a working first generation iPod, right? […]