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HP Elite x3 With Verizon Compatibility Available Now
It was reported last month that HP was thinking about ending sales of the HP Elite x3, a productivity powerhouse that runs Windows 10 Mobile. The company isn’t giving up on this device as yet even though it has canned the plans for a successor. HP confirmed recently that it’s going to continue selling the device through 2019. It’s now selling the Verizon-compatible model of the HP Elite x3 via […]

HP Ditched Elite X3 Plans Because Microsoft Lost Interest
Microsoft’s mobile efforts have declined significantly and they seem to have impacted HP’s plans for the Elite x3. The HP Elite x3 is a Windows-powered smartphone that’s a productivity powerhouse. It was very well received by professionals who require that level of functionality from their mobile devices. HP had a lot of plans for its Elite x3 lineup but it had to ditch those plans because Microsoft lost interest in […]

HP Elite x3 Sales Won't End Until 2019
It was reported recently that HP was thinking about ending sales of its Windows-powered productivity behemoth the Elite x3 in November this year. The report didn’t take many by surprise as there has been a general lack of interest from partners to build Windows 10 Mobile-powered devices. However, HP isn’t giving up on the Elite x3 just yet.

HP Elite x3 Price Cut By Microsoft
If you’re looking for a really powerful mobile device that’s powered by Windows 10 Mobile and has the ability to provide full PC-like functionality, look no further than the HP Elite x3. This is a really niche device that’s meant for people who want access to their Windows apps and services on the go and wouldn’t mind getting some work done by hooking up the smartphone to an external display […]


HP Elite x3 Successor Spotted At MWC 2017
HP launched its first Windows-powered smartphone in quite some time several months ago. The HP Elite x3 is a niche device given that it’s geared towards professionals who basically want to walk around with a device in their pocket that can provide PC-like functionality when hooked up to an external monitor. The handset will be due for a successor in the near future and it appears that the company showed […]

HP Elite x3 Available From Microsoft Retail Stores Next Week
The HP Elite x3 is a true Windows 10 powerhouse. So far this device has only been sold via online channels but it has now been confirmed that the handset will be sold through Microsoft’s brick and mortar retail stores starting next week. Customers who are interested in picking one up will be able to walk into one of the company’s stores and pick up the HP Elite x3 directly […]

Pre-Order HP Elite X3 Starting Today From HP's Website
HP announced the Elite X3 earlier this year. This Windows 10 Mobile-powered device is big on productivity. The handset has specifications that you would expect from a flagship smartphone and has been built with the business customer in mind. It delivers seamless phablet, laptop, and desktop productivity in a single device. Interested customers can now pre-order the HP Elite X3 in the United States from HP’s website.

HP's Windows 10 Mobile Powerhouse Starts Shipping August 29th
We first saw HP’s powerful Windows 10 Mobile handset at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year in February. The company didn’t confirm back then when this handset is going to be released. Recently the price for the HP Elite x3 was spotted on the company’s website but it was later pulled. HP has now confirmed how much this Windows 10 Mobile powerhouse is going to cost and when it’s […]