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HTC HD2 could have an FM transmitter
So you know that the HTC HD2 will come in a more beefed up configuration, but here’s more news about it. Apparently, there is a pretty high chance of the HTC HD2 featuring an integrated FM transmitter that has been built right into its Wi-Fi chip. The reasoning behind this is that the Broadcom BCM4329 chip is a a Wi-Fi N-capable chip and theoretically ought to function as an FM […]

HTC HD2 On T-Mobile To Sport Beefed Up Specs
It sure took the HTC HD2 a long time to come to the US, but for those of you Windows Mobile fans, we’re sure it’ll have been worth the wait. T-Mobile will be offering this phone, and the best part is, your patience is rewarded with better specs. The original HTC HD2 sports 512MB ROM, 448MB of RAM, and ships with a 2GB microSD card, the version that T-Mobile will […]

Clove HTC HD2 Extended Battery
While the iPod and iPhone are devices that have plenty of third party accessories, smartphones from other manufacturers do not have that luxury mainly due to the much smaller install base – it does make economic sense after all. Clove begs to differ however with the HTC HD2 Extended Battery, also known as the HTC-EBATHD2 which is touted to arrive next month by boasting double the original’s battery life. Interestingly […]

HTC HD2 Sports Android On Rhapsody Email
These kinds of things happen every now and then, but it’s still does make you wonder if it would ever become a reality. What are we talking about? Well, in an email that was sent out to selected individuals to be beta testers for the Rhapsody Android app, you can see that there is a very obvious HTC HD2 in the picture, along with a Motorola Droid and MyTouch 3G. […]


HTC HD2 Coming To T-Mobile USA?
Have you been disappointed that you weren’t able to get the HTC HD2? Well, it seems that Christmas might have come a little early for you (in the form of news, anyways). Word is that the HTC HD2 will be coming to the US, landing on T-Mobile’s network. While the cell phone scene has recently been dominated by Android-powered devices, the Windows Mobile HTC HD2 still packs a mean punch, […]

HTC HD2 announced
Looks like the HTC HD2 won’t debut next week, although it has officially shipped in Europe and Asia today. Accoriding to HTC’s CEO Peter Chou and Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer , the HTC HD2 will be out early next year for those of us living Stateside, which isn’t too far off actually with just 2 months on the calendar left to go.