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Android 7.0 Nougat Gets Ported Onto The HTC HD2
Android phones usually have this bad rep of being kind of obsolete after a few years, namely because OEMs can’t be bothered to support phones older than 3 years with OS updates. However the upside is that the Android community is a rather hard working one, with developers taking it upon themselves to keep devices up to date even if the company won’t.

HTC HD2 Runs Nokia X Android Build...Somewhat
The HTC HD2 is certainly one particular smartphone that has seen its fair bit of action in the past. And by “fair bit of action”, I mean the numerous ports that have made their way onto the smartphone which was first released in 2009 (boy, has it been nearly 5 years already?), where it ran on Windows Mobile 6.5 back then. Windows Mobile has been no more for quite some […]

Android 4.4 KitKat Ported Onto HTC HD2
It seems that the HTC HD2, despite being released about 4 years ago, is refusing to fade into obscurity. We had heard how the handset had managed to receive the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update, and now it looks like the HTC HD2 will also be on the receiving end of the Android 4.4 KitKat update, which is admittedly pretty impressive for such an old device! This port is courtesy […]

HTC HD2 Modded To Run Windows RT
Someone should do some research on just which smartphone has seen the most operating systems ported over to it, and I am quite sure that the venerable HTC HD2 is one of the frontline runners. After all, when it comes to the HTC HD2, the adage of “anything is possible” seems to be hackers’ main mantra. Case in point, the HTC HD2 has now been caught in the wild running […]


HTC HD2 gets Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh
It’s been awhile since we’ve reported about the HTC HD2, but we’ve got some exciting news about the phone today. The versatile device has received the latest build of Windows Phone – 7.5 Refresh (previously known as Tango) in the form of a custom ROM. According to reports from people that have installed it, it looks like WP 7.5 Refresh improves the phone’s performance significantly.

HTC HD2 gets Ice Cream Sandwich
The HTC HD2 has been around since November 2009, and since then it’s received numerous ports of different operating systems. From Windows Phone 7, to Android 2.x and Meego, it looks like the developer community isn’t done yet. Some folks have managed to create an Android Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the HD2 and have put it up for download. As a beta release, some features are unsurprisingly not working, […]

Windows Phone Mango ROM works on HTC HD2 without missing a beat
The HTC HD2 is definitely a handset that seemingly lasts without showing any signs of ageing – after all, when Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta was announced, it was ported over to the 2009 handset and worked relatively well. This is not to say that there were no niggling problems – far from it, earlier Mango custom ROMs for the HD2 did not allow Live services to function, but all […]

HTC HD2 gets unofficial Windows Phone 7 installation
Despite all the fancy new phones being churned out, HTC’s HD2 is still one classic phone, though it’s probably held back by the old Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. If you’re a HD2 owner, chances are that you’ve dreamed of putting Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 7 operating system on it, and if you’re willing to get your hands slightly dirty, your wish has more or less come true. While it’s […]

HTC HD2 to get Android direct boot
HTC’s HD2 Windows Mobile phone has always been a popular device for Android ports and now the Dark Forces Team’s MAGLDR 1.09 might make things easier for Android fans out there. The program allows Android builds to be flashed directly to the NAND ROM, which is where the stock Windows Mobile build is normally kept. This is a nice improvement from the current Android ports that require a WinCE-based bootloader […]

HTC Desire HD ROM Crammed Into A HTC HD2
Many folks are already buzzing at the prospect of getting hold of the upcoming HTC Desire HD, but until it arrives, we’re going to have to make do with a leaked ROM of the device. The HD2 might not be the most popular device around anymore, but the ROM has been successfully crammed into this older-generation device, giving it a juicy dose of Google’s Android in case you’re bored with […]

HTC HD2 Gets An Improved Android 2.2 FroYo ROM
We have previously seen Google’s Android 2.2 FroYo crammed into the juicy HTC HD2 before this, but during the previous iteration, it was quite buggy and had various issues. Now the folks behind it have come up with an updated ROM, one which seems to perfect the Android experience on the HD2. You can check out a video of it in action after the jump. That being said, do bear […]

HTC HD2 One Step Closer To Running Google Android
While we’ve seen Google’s Android OS ported to many mobile devices out there, one of the devices that folks really want Android to be running on is HTC’s powerful HD2. There have been various attempts before this, and now another person has managed to get the Linux bootloader up and running on the HD2, even allowing the device to play a 720p video. While it’s still quite a distance from […]

HTC HD2 handles Tekken 3 as well as other games with aplomb
Who would have thought that the HTC HD2 is more than a decent gaming machine? Well, it might have been overlooked by Microsoft when it comes to Windows Phone 7 upgrades, but the HTC HD2 is one mean gaming machine, running Tekken 3, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Time Crisis, Wipeout XL and Grand Theft Auto 2 effortlessly using FPSEce 0.10.1 – a free Playstation emulator for the Windows Mobile platform. […]

IHTC HD-2 clones HTC HD2 pretty well
The HTC HD2 has been a pretty impressive Windows Mobile smartphone for quite some time already, leading clone hardware manufacturers to use it as their poster boy time and again. This time round, we have a clone known as the IHTC HD-2 which clearly resembles HTC’s brand name pretty closely, although this clone comes in a smaller size. Powered by Huawei’s Hisilicon K3 chipset, the IHTC HD-2 comes with a […]

T-Mobile HTC HD2 Unboxed On Video
You’ve been dreaming about it, and now that you know that HTC HD2 is on T-Mobile, you want to get a whiff of it, right? Need a little something extra to push you in the direction of this phone? How about a video of the T-Mobile HTC HD2 being unboxed? Check out a video of the T-Mobile HTC HD2 after the jump, and you’ll probably find yourself running to the […]

Windows Phone 7 Series Successfully Ported To HTC HD2
The news that HTC’s popular HD2 would not be getting a Windows Phone 7 Series update must certainly have disappointed many owners of the HD2. Now it seems that despite there not being any official support for such an upgrade, there might be hope via unofficial means, as a user has successfully ported Windows Phone 7 Series over to the HD2, and even posted some videos (after the jump) showing […]

Samsung To Launch 4 New Windows Mobile Devices In The Summer
Word is going around that Samsung is gearing up to release 4 interesting Windows Mobile devices this summer, and the Korean company is currently locked in talks with Microsoft to make these devices officially upgradeable to Windows Phone 7 Series in January 2011. If the deal goes through, the new Samsung Windows Phone Starter Pack devices, along with the upgrade path to Windows Phone 7 Series will be announced at […]

T-Mobile HTC HD2 Unboxed Before Launch
T-Mobile’s Windows Mobile powered HTC HD2 should only be officially going on sale on Wednesday, but it seems that someone managed to get a unit before the official date from Walmart, and even posted a video (after the jump) showing the device being unboxed. HTC’s HD2 is certainly an amazing phone, but with the announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series, you have to wonder if T-Mobile is getting this phone a […]

HTC HD2 Confirmed To Not Get Windows Phone 7 Upgrade
Despite earlier rumors that the popular HTC HD2 might be getting a Windows Phone 7 Series upgrade, it seems that the rumor has just been quashed, and you’ll need to get a phone with newer hardware in order to enjoy Windows Phone 7 Series. The reason cited is apparently the requirement for there to be only three buttons on the device, instead of the five that the HD2 offers. We’ve […]

HTC HD2, Nuron, And Cliq XT Pricing Leaked
If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber and have been toying with the idea of picking up a HTC HD2, Motorola Cliq XT or Nokia Nuron, you’re in luck, as the (unofficial) price for said items have been leaked. According to the leaked information, the HTC HD2 will set you back $199.99 after a rebate, while the Motorola Cliq XT will be going for $129.99 after rebate, and finally the Nokia Nuron […]