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Unofficial CM11 Android 4.4 KitKat ROM For HTC Incredible S Released
There’s never a shortage of source built custom ROMs, and one has just been released for the HTC Incredible S. If you’re not familiar with this smartphone, it was released in early 2011 with Android 2.2 Froyo pre-installed. The magic of source built custom ROMs is that they bring goodies from the latest Android update even if the devices are not officially supported. An official CyanogenMod 11 Android 4.4 KitKat custom […]

HTC Incredible S update now rolling out
Good news for HTC Incredible S owners – a new update for the phone has started rolling out today. A changelog hasn’t been released, so the exact details aren’t known but the update is quite a significant one: bumping Android up to version 2.3.5, and updating HTC Sense to version 3.0. The update has started rolling out in several parts of Europe, and other parts of the world should receive […]

Verizon Wireless' HTC Incredible 2 spotted
Big Red’s new smartphone from HTC, the Incredible 2, has been spotted in the wild intact – and at first glance, it does seem to be similar to the HTC Incredible S, ranging from the rounded corners to its slightly protruding battery cover. Of course, this one sports the Verizon branding, so if it were the same as the Incredible S, then we are talking about an 8-megapixel camera at […]

HTC Incredible S locked down
Developers with a slightly cheeky slant will be pretty disappointed to know that the new HTC Incredible S will ship with a failsafe system that is similar to that as the HTC Thunderbolt. Basically, by locking down the phone, developers are unable to change the device OS in any way. It is also interesting to note that the failsafe was installed by the good people at HTC instead of Verizon, […]


HTC Incredible S seen in red
Remember the HTC Incredible S that we saw launched yesterday? Well, that came only in black, but here we have a Danish website that points towards a red HTC Incredible S, without having to go through the process of Colorware. Apart from the color change, everything else inside remains the same including its dual LED flashes behind and front facing camera on the opposite side. It has been said that […]

HTC Incredible S launched in Asia
So the HTC Incredible S has already been launched – at least in Asia. It will be tied down to a carrier in Malaysia at least for March (DiGi), followed by an unlocked version from April onwards. According to a HTC exec, the earthquake in Japan will not affect the HTC Incredible S supply in the immediate future even though they obtain their Super LCD display from Sony who has […]

HTC Incredible S spotted in the wild
The HTC Incredible S was first shown off to the world at the Mobile World Congress last month and was scheduled for a Q2 release this year. The FCC recently took a gander at the device, and now images of the device in the wild have surfaced leading to the possibility the Android phone might arrive in retail outlets before Q1 ends. The folks at Android Spin recently got their […]

FCC takes a look at the HTC Incredible S
The FCC has gotten a much more intimate look at the HTC Incredible S which sports the model number PG32120, having picked up FCC approval in the process for GSM 850, 1900 bands, not to mention 3G WCDMA bands II and V too. Both the GSM and WCDMA bands are utilized by AT&T in the US, which more or less gives the game away as to which carrier will it […]