Xperia X10 User Interface Ported To HTC Magic

If you’re jealous of the fancy user interface (UI) on Sony Ericsson’s Android-powered Xperia X10, there might be hope for you, if you’re using a HTC Magic. While it’s still far from perfect, it seems that some folks over at the XDA forums have managed to get the Rachael UI ported to the HTC Magic. It not fully functional at the moment, but it’s certainly a step in the right […]

Vodafone Spain Admits That 3000 Smartphones Were Shipped With Virus

Looks like the recent issue of Vodafone’s HTC Magic shipping with the Conficker and Mariposa viruses might be more widespread than initially reported. Apparently Vodafone Spain has confirmed that some 3,000 users may have been exposed to the Mariposa malware, which made its way into users’ computers via the cell phone’s storage. Now the carrier is offering to replace the microSD cards for infected phones, while stressing that the incident […]

DroidSecurity Gets 10,500 New Users Within 24 Hours

It seems that the recent incident, where a bunch of Vodafone HTC Magic smartphones were shipped with the Conficker and Mariposa viruses, has highlighted the issue of mobile device security to users. As a result, it seems that DroidSecurity managed to get a healthy 10,500 new users to download its mobile device security solution in the 24-hours that followed the discovery of the virus. While the virus itself didn’t affect […]

Cool A6161 clones HTC Magic

Here is yet another clone of the HTC Magic, where this clone is known as the Cool A6161. Not exactly the most stunning name to grace the market, but it does seem to get the job done pretty well. Boasting multi-touch support as well as Android 1.6 running, this is the first among clones to do so. Features include a 528MHz QualComm MSM7201A processor, a 3.2″ HVGA capacitive touchscreen, 192MB […]


HTC releases 3.05.401.3 ROM for HTC Magic

HTC has just rolled out version 3.05.401.3 of its ROM for the HTC Magic, and what can Magic users expect from this ROM update? For starters, you will now be able to take advantage of the Sense user interface (at long last!), among others. By the way, it is always good practice to make a backup copy of all your data before you take the ROM update plunge as you […]

HTC Dream And Magic From Rogers Wont Be Getting Donut Update

If you own an HTC Dream or Magic from Rogers Wireless, you might be more than a little disappointed if you were planning on upgrading your phone to Android 1.6, you’re going to have to find a non-official way to do it, as HTC has stated that it will not be releasing an official Android 1.6 upgrade for said phones. Are you planning to find some other means (like a […]

MyTouch 3G Review

The MyTouch 3G (from T-Mobile U.S.A) is also known worldwide as the HTC Magic. This unit connects to the T-Mobile USA network and I’ve been using their service with various phones for a while now. MyTouch 3G revolves around a few ideas: “lots of apps, Google integration, 100% you, super fast 3G, life in one touch and instant sharing”. That is at least, T-Mobile’s interpretation of what the HTC Magic […]

HTC Magic Hands-On

Ubergizmo managed to get hold of the HTC Magic and spent a few minutes with this handset that supposedly ironed out the kinks of its predecessor, the HTC G1. For those who think that they might have seen this handset somewhere before, well, that’s because the HTC Magic suffers from split personality issues, also going by various monikers such as the T-Mobile myTouch 3G, Sapphire and G2. Well, you know […]

HTC Magic Offers Microsoft Exchange Support

Looks like the HTC Magic will boast Microsoft Exchange support, allowing users to synchronize with their Outlook emails, contacts and calendar entries in a hassle-free manner. Just make sure the HTC Magic returns to a power outlet at the end of the day so that it remains juiced up at all times if you’re relying on a push connection. This is an interesting development as there is a lack of […]

DoCoMo HT-03A Android Phone

Japan has received their first Android-powered phone from DoCoMo known as the HT-03A, and it will run on the Android 1.5 Cupcake. Just in case you wonder why the HT-03A looks so familiar, that is because this is none other than the HTC Magic. Word on the street also has it that DoCoMo has a pleasant surprise for smartphone lovers in the coming fortnight, although they have kept mum in […]