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Intel Bay Trail Chip For Power-Efficient “Full Windows” Tablets
In its morning Keynote at IDF 2013, Intel has officially launched its Bay Trail system-on chip (SoC) that has been designed to compete with chips from Qualcomm or NVIDIA in mobile devices. A Bay Trail system can use up to four CPU cores and it will integrate Intel’s own graphics processor, which is a derivative of Intel’s HD graphics launched some time ago on the PC. Previously, Intel had licensed […]

Intel CPUs power consumption to fall off a cliff
We attended the Intel Developer Forum’s (IDF) second keynote this morning (did you follow the live blog?), and the most important thing that you need to know is that Intel is making “low-power” its priority. Low-power is not a new theme: ever since the Pentium 4 got shelved, power efficiency has become increasingly important. However, the pressure from mobile platforms, the rise of non-Intel tablets and the arrival of Windows […]

Intel CPU running on solar energy
[IDF 2011] Earlier today, Intel showed us a computer processor (CPU) that was running on solar energy from a single small solar cell. Although Intel didn’t provide the specific voltage numbers, it’s not hard to imagine that a solar cell can only generate very little energy. Anyone who has tried to charge a smartphone (or even an AAA battery) with solar energy knows this all too well.

Intel Android phones in 2012
[IDF 2011] During the IDF opening keynote, one of the highlights was the joint Intel/Google announcement  that Intel-powered Android phones prototypes already exist, and that Google is committed to “do its best” to optimize for Intel’s architecture. While the statement itself was fairly blend, Andy Rubin did show a physical prototype and apparently internal developers do have working prototypes.Of course, that begs the question: “what’s the power consumption like”? Unfortunately, […]


New MeeGo UX shown off at IDF Beijing 2011
The folks over at attended IDF Beijing 2011 and managed to catch some MeeGo tablets on display, and spotted a MeeGo tablet with an interesting user experience (UX) layer. They recorded some video footage of it in action and it looks pretty sweet. The tablet itself is not too bad itself, with a 1.5GHz Z670 Oaktrail processor, 1GB of RAM, a 10.1″ display and a thickness of only 10mm. […]

Robot snake is one enemy not to be trifled with
Trust the military to come up with high tech weapons that brings the world to its knees – this newest robotic snake from Israel already looks menacing on its own, and should you decide to throw caution to the wind and blow it up, do beware that it will just split into slightly smaller robotic snakes. After all, individual segments of this robotic snake will be self-contained, complete with a […]

Intel WiDi technology demonstrated at Intel Developer Forum
Intel’s WiDi (pronounced in a similar manner somewhat to “wide eye”) technology was showcased at the Intel Developer Forum, where this wireless display technology is useful for streaming video as well as other content from a computer to a large display TV. At the demonstration, an Intel representative used a tablet computer that is powered by an Intel Atom processor as well as sporting WiDi capability in order to showcase […]

Intel R&D's vision of the future ahead of IDF
Just ahead of tomorrow’s official Intel Developer Conference (IDF) debut [follow the Keynote live at @ 9am PT], the world’s largest chipmaker was showing a few of its current R&D projects. This is Research, so not all of them (if any) will make it as products, but some were promising, while others were just cool to watch. Here’s what caught our eyes and ears tonight, and if you are attending […]

Intel Light Peak To Arrive In 2011
You might remember Intel’s Light Peak connectivity option, which is capable of transferring files at a rate of 10Gbps. To make things better, it can also be compatible with a USB 3.0 connector, and considering the popularity of USB, this is certainly great news. Now Intel has confirmed at its Intel Developer Conference (IDF) that it is expecting partners to ship devices to ship with Light Peak support as early […]

Huawei Digicube Z8 MID: desirable!
The Digicube Z8 just came out in China and it will get some attention for a few reasons: first for its “carbon silver” color, but also for the fact that it has a full QWERTY keyboard that can be folded to turn it into a tablet (take a look at the photo gallery). You can’t tell form the photo, but the surface on the right of the display is actually […]

Umid mBook M2, hands-on
We hope that you went over our Umid mBook M1 review and unboxing. We just had our hands on the second revision called mBook M2. This refresh features a few of improvements that were requested by users (and us!). A big USB port Standard 3.5mm audio Yes, those little details make it that much better, although the USB port is still placed on the right side of the keyboard, which […]

Cresta TV wants to commoditize TV tuners to death
Cresta TV is working on commoditizing TV tuners for laptop computers to the point of making them cheap enough to be integrated on every single laptop in the world (just like webcams are today). How? Simply by moving all the “intelligent” tasks to the CPU (now you know what we bumped into them at Intel’s IDF). The idea could work: CPUs are more than capable of handling the work done […]

Lucid offers a multi-GPU alternative to SLI and CrossFire
[IDF 2009, SF] Lucid’s Hydra Engine is a hardware solution (a chip) that brings multi-GPU functionality to motherboards, without having to use Nvidia’s SLI or AMD’s CrossFire. Usually, there is a lot of work done in the GPU driver, but Lucid has found a way to use many GPUs without asking Nvidia or AMD for help.They declined to give me all the details (even though they have 50 patents or […]