Cresta TV wants to commoditize TV tuners to death

Cresta TV is working on commoditizing TV tuners for laptop computers to the point of making them cheap enough to be integrated on every single laptop in the world (just like webcams are today). How? Simply by moving all the “intelligent” tasks to the CPU (now you know what we bumped into them at Intel’s IDF). The idea could work: CPUs are more than capable of handling the work done by the electronics found in TV tuners.

Cresta TV has built a combination of hardware (Tuners) and software (signal processing/decoding) that allows them to strip significant portions of traditional tuners. In the future, what’s left will be integrated in a single chip, and the cost of that chip will be halved every 18 months or so, thanks to Moores’s law. Cresta TV plans to make money from its intellectual property, which value won’t be halved by semiconductor manufacturing advances… smart.

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