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IE Users Not Please With Norton AntiVirus Update.
Since 2014, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been stuck in  second place after Google Chrome overtook it as the biggest browser in terms of market shares. Unfortunately for Internet Explorer, Norton Internet Security Antivirus has after a slight blunders, deviated them further from their plan of becoming first again. The incident happened after an overnight update to Norton AntiVirus that has prevented Internet Explorer from working at all.By using other browsers, […]

Internet Explorer global browser share dips below 50% mark
Microsoft executives would definitely sit up and take notice that their Internet Explorer global browser share has just dropped below the 50% mark sometime during the month of October – something that had never happened before in over a decade. Apart from that, there is also a notable improvement for Google fans – Chrome has overtaken Firefox for the first time here. Still, Internet Explorer remains a force to be […]

Internet Explorer 10 won't work on Vista
We recently reported that Microsoft made the preview version of Internet Explorer 10 available for download for folks everywhere, and many people were keen on trying it out. However, one thing Microsoft failed to mention then was that IE10 isn’t going to work on your computer if it runs Windows Vista. Since Vista is coming to its end of its life cycle, it looks like Microsoft has chosen not to […]

Microsoft to show off Internet Explorer 10 at MIX11
Even though Internet Explorer 9 was released only about a month ago, Microsoft are now ready to unveil the next version of their internet browser at MIX11. Called Internet Explorer 10 (IE10), Microsoft claims the browser “will push the boundaries of what developers can do on the web even further.” The web browser will be embracing the HTML5 standard even more this time around; a move that they hope other […]


Firefox 4 surpasses Internet Explorer 9 browser share in one day
Internet Explorer 9 was released a couple of weeks ago, and Firefox 4 was just released yesterday. But according to StatCounter, the free website analytics company, Firefox 4 has already taken up 1.95% of the world’s browser share, while IE 9 only has 0.87% of the same market. One of the main reasons to why IE 9 isn’t doing so well is due to the fact that it isn’t compatible […]

Final IE9 Launches at SxSW
Microsoft has made it official that (the final release of) Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) will launch on Monday March 14th at SxSW* in Austin, TX. Internet Explorer 9 is currently in beta and is largely seen as Microsoft’s commitment to HTML5 and web performance in general. The graphics performance is particularly interesting as IE9 supports graphics hardware acceleration.After the launch, the next big thing for Microsoft is MIX 11, a […]

Mozilla says the latest Internet Explorer is not modern enough
We do know that the Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate is now available, but does that mean it will help Microsoft claw back its market share that has eroded steadily for some time already? Still, despite the advances and new technological implementations in IE9, its rivals cannot but help themselves from sniping it from afar. Mozilla has stated that this latest incarnation of IE is not a “modern browser”, where […]

Sophisticated New Malware Shows Fake Malware Detection Warning
Microsoft is warning that a new sophisticated malware has the ability to fool users to clicking on it because it can copy the UI and appearance of an official security alert presented by Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. The malware called Rogue:MSIL/Zeven will be able to detect which browser a user is using and then display a warning message prompting users to scan for viruses and threats. The ploy in […]