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Internet Explorer 9 was released a couple of weeks ago, and Firefox 4 was just released yesterday. But according to StatCounter, the free website analytics company, Firefox 4 has already taken up 1.95% of the world’s browser share, while IE 9 only has 0.87% of the same market. One of the main reasons to why IE 9 isn’t doing so well is due to the fact that it isn’t compatible with Windows XP, which a large percent of the world still use on their computers. However, IE 8 still maintains its dominant position with 29.99% of the browser market, and Firefox 3.6 comes in second with 24.43%. Even though Microsoft dominates 45% of the market with all their browsers combined, StatCounter has noted that their position has been gradually diminishing, with Firefox 4 and Chrome catching up. While these stats don’t really affect anybody’s experience of using the internet, it’s interesting to see how third party browsers can compete against the default browser (IE) that ship with every Windows PC. Head here to check out the stats for yourself.

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