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Line Messaging App Surpasses 300 Million Registered Users Milestone
We’re sure by now, you already have chosen your instant messaging application and have been happy with its service for several months. Jumping to a completely new messaging service is a pretty hard decision, especially if those who you chat with don’t use the service you’re attempting to make the jump to. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Line, which has just announced they have passed the 300 […]

BitTorrent Chat Looks To Make Instant Messaging More Secure
We know how important your messages with your wife, husband or significant other is, especially when they involve such important things as deciding what to do about dinner as well as reminding them to pick up milk on the way home. Keeping them personal and private is also extremely important, which is why BitTorrent is announcing its latest instant messing service called BitTorrent Chat.

iOS code string could indicate instant messaging unification
With the introduction of the iMessage feature in iOS 5, it is clear that Apple has plans to integrate some of their messaging services into a unified solution that will work across the board on both iOS and Mac, and thanks to a recent string of code discovered by John Heaton, such a unification could be in the works in a future iOS update.

HTC ChaCha in China drops Facebook for QQ
For those unfamiliar with the HTC ChaCha, it is an Android handset that is reminiscent of the Blackberry’s design, featuring a QWERTY keyboard and more importantly – Facebook integration. It is the first HTC handset that has been touted as a “Facebook phone” which seems to be targeted at those who can’t get themselves off the social networking website.


Zlango: Instant Visual Messaging for Personalized Real-Time Communication
The “Real Time Web” has been THE trendy topic of the past two years among the emerging technology aficionados, recently shifting to the obscure “SoLoMo” acronym (aka Social Location Mobile), thanks to the rise of Google Android, Skype mobile, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.Instant Messaging is an “old” technology (going back to the sixties in its archaic form), that became popular in the nineties as a consequence of the emergence of […]

Skype is Down
We noticed that Skype is down, and according to the real-time chatter on the web, we’re definitely not the only ones. If you can’t use Skype – you’re not alone!  Skype is indeed working to resolve the situation, according to a recent (official) Twitter message.“Some of you may have problems signing in to Skype – we’re investigating, and we’re sorry for the disruption to your conversations”, says Skype.In the meantime, […]

Windows Live Messenger for the ZuneHD now available
ZuneHD owners, listen up! It seems that Windows Live Messenger for the ZuneHD is now available, albeit for selected users only. This software is a full-featured version, so you don’t have to worry about getting something gimped while lacking any essential features. It will support the Messenger friends list as well as chat, in addition to a social feed which is similar to the desktop client. Of course, it would […]

AOL Sells ICQ For $187.5m
Folks who were around during the beginning of instant messaging will remember ICQ, which set the standard for instant messaging back then. AOL acquired Mirabilis, the Israeli-based company who came up with the program, back in 1996 for $407 million, and now the company has decided to let it go for $187.5 million to Russian investment company, Digital Sky Technologies. Do you still think fondly of ICQ, or are you […]

File transfer now available in Google Chat
Google has finally made file transfer available in Google Chat, letting you transfer photos, documents and perhaps even small video files, although we are pretty sure that there is a file size cap attached to it as well. Apart from that, web users gain the ability to exchange files with other users of Google Talk without any problem at all. Of course, the most optimal of it all would be […]