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New iHeartRadio app now on iPhone
Remember we announced that iHeartRadio that was going to undergo a major revamp a couple of months ago? Well, it has officially gone live and Clear Channel has released the app for iOS devices this morning. Using your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, you can tune into the free digital radio service that features over 11 million songs and 400,000 artists “more than 10 times the number of songs offered […]

Roth's KRadio iPhone speaker dock connects to internet radio stations
Looking to get a speaker dock for your iPhone? If you’re not looking to get yourself just a regular speaker dock, then perhaps Roth’s just announced KRadio is something worth checking out.

The Victoria Nostalgic Internet Radio only looks retro
Retro never goes out of style, as evident by all the old-fashioned designs being used in today’s technology. Grace Digital has just announced the launch of its new retro-inspired device called The Victoria Nostalgic Internet Radio. With a design that would let it blend in the rows of old trinkets and items found at a pawn shop, The Victoria Nostalgic Internet Radio is far from outdated.

Sony launches Pandora and Sirius XM capable car audio receivers
Looking for a new car audio system? If you are, perhaps it’s time to skip the CD players and jump straight into the digital world with streaming. Yes, if the new Sony in-dash car audio receivers are anything like they promised, you will now be able to control Pandora via the audio receiver itself.


Sonos S3 speakers get leaked on Amazon
For those unfamiliar with the Sonos brand, they are a company that produces relatively high-end speaker systems, with their Sonos S5 speaker dock for the iPod costing a pretty steep $399, and their Sonos 100 speakers which went for about $678 for the whole setup. They are also known for creating wireless speaker systems that are said to work phenomenally when set up, which is why when their latest pair […]

Altaz Internet Clock Radio
When you come across something called the Altaz Internet Clock Radio, such a device is pretty much self-explanatory. Not only does it tell you the time at a glance, it will also function as a digital photo frame thanks to its rather compact 3.5-inch display. Apart from that, you will be able to greet a brand new day with your favorite online radio stream, while having your favorite photo on […]

DIY Internet Radio for hobbyists
Have a little bit more time on your hands than you originally thought? The DIY Internet Radio might be just the thing for you, where this project will let you play virtually any audio source with the ability to control it directly from your smartphone. The brain behind this project took an Asus WL-520GU and a USB sound card to churn out the final product, a Wi-Fi radio for less […]

Sirius XM Radio has free Android app for the masses
Own an Android-powered smartphone? If that is the case, you can now enjoy Sirius XM radio on said smartphone for free (the app is free, but the subscription is not!) thanks to an Android application that lets you access more than 120 channels of exclusive sports, talk, entertainment, news, comedy and commercial-free music, regardless of whether you’re jiving with Wi-Fi networks or a cellular one in the event where there […]

Grace Digital Audio Solo Wi-Fi Internet radio tuner
Grace Digital Audio has rolled out its Solo Wi-Fi Internet radio tuner which is capable of bestowing the power of Internet radio onto just about any stereo system or set of speakers, if you will. The device boasts support for services including Pandora and Sirius Internet radio, where it is supported by a backlit LCD display for easy reading of information as well as having the capability of working with […]

Verizon FiOS introduces YouTube and Internet Radio for customers
Folks who own a FiOS DVR and have installed Media Manager on the PC can hit the update button to take advantage of the latest additions, including support for YouTube and Internet Radio. Those running on Macs are left out in the cold yet again though. Non-DVR users will be able to take advantage of Media Manager since it is now available to all FiOS customers, although we are left […]

Alhambra Internet Radio
Check out the Alhambra Wi-Fi Internet Radio that brings together both the old and the new. This wireless Internet radio receiver will be able to stream your favorite tunes to just about any corner of your home, assuming you don’t live in a super huge palace with the number of rooms that run into two digits. We don’t really dig the rather archaic interface, but at least it does make […]

8-Bit FM Internet Radio Station
Love all the beeps and boops from retro video games? The 8-Bit FM Internet radio station would be right up your alley, featuring hits from classic video game soundtracks as well as modern day electronic music played on obsolete gaming hardware. You will be able to find a whole bunch of tunes, ranging from Zelda to Earthworm Jim as well as other obscure titles. The station is theoretically up 24/7, […]