For those unfamiliar with the Sonos brand, they are a company that produces relatively high-end speaker systems, with their Sonos S5 speaker dock for the iPod costing a pretty steep $399, and their Sonos 100 speakers which went for about $678 for the whole setup. They are also known for creating wireless speaker systems that are said to work phenomenally when set up, which is why when their latest pair of speakers, the Sonos S3, was leaked on Amazon, it caused quite a stir.


The product has since been removed from Amazon, and we’re not sure if this is an accidental leak or one that was done on purpose to generate hype and excitement. Either way, not much was revealed in the leak apart from the fact that the Sonos S3 will have streaming, internet radio as well as hi-fi capabilities.

Some have speculated about the number of drivers that the S3 will bring to the table, and since the S5 sported five drivers, logically the name “S3” should imply that the speakers will be featuring three drivers instead. As the screenshot above seems to indicate, the Sonos S3 will cost $300, which is a tad cheaper than their S5. No word on when we can expect to see the S3 go up for pre-order again, although if we had to guess, we would say it shouldn’t be too far off.

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