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Pod2g demonstrates untethered iOS 5.1 jailbreak on the new iPad
We know that famed iOS hacker pod2g and his team of developers have been hard at work at trying to give iOS users running on iOS 5.1 an untethered jailbreak solution. So far based on their progress, it seems that they are quite close to finally achieving it – or have they already? Pod2g recently tweeted that he managed to achieve an untethered jailbreak on a third-generation iPad device running […]

Two major vulnerabilities discovered in iOS 5.1, jailbreak could be close at hand
If you’re looking forward to the iOS 5.1 jailbreak, things certainly are moving along pretty fast. According to iOS hacker pod2g, it seems that he and his team discovered two huge vulnerabilities: 1 kernel land exploit and 1 root land exploit. Unfortunately the exploits were not detailed, which we’re guessing is to prevent Apple from discovering it early and patching it up, or to prevent other iOS jailbreakers from beating […]

LTE iPhone hinted in iOS 5.1 code
Hot on the heels of rumors about Apple evaluating LTE components for the next iPhone, it looks like more evidence of LTE in the next iPhone has surfaced. According to reports online, a Cydia developer discovered some references to LTE in the next iPhone. Apparently there are some code strings in iOS 5.1 with the text: “Enabling 4G will end your phone call. Are you sure you want to enable […]

iOS 5.1 to bring rich text formatting to Notes app [Rumor]
iOS users, are you guys looking forward to the iOS 5.1 update? Well apart from the update reportedly (and finally) addressing the battery issues that are still affecting iOS users, it looks like Apple could finally be bringing the rich text format to its Notes app. The rich text format was introduced with the Mail app, but if the screenshot above is to be believed, users will be able to […]


iOS 5.1 beta seeded to developers?
There were whispers that arose over the past two weeks, pointing towards Apple’s plans of rolling out iOS 5.0.2 which supposedly will include Apple’s second attempt at making sure the battery life issues plaguing the iPhone 4S for certain folks is done and over with – for good. Apart from that, there are also rumblings that Apple will continue on with iOS 5.1, which would deliver along with it new […]

Apple: iOS 5.0.2 update in the works, iOS 5.1 major update to follow (Rumor)
We know that Apple’s release of iOS 5.0.1 failed to solve some of the battery woes that have plagued iOS users since the update to iOS 5. While the reports are conflicting, with some users claiming that they have no battery issues, it seems that the majority are still faced with severe battery drain, so much so that Apple has issued a statement claiming that they will take a look […]