Articles about iOS 8.3

iOS 8.3 Jailbreak Shown Off
There hasn’t been much movement in the jailbreak arena recently because it’s believed that Apple has made is significantly harder to break into its system. Some of the teams that were previously at the forefront of the jailbreak movement are now completely out of the picture and it seems like Apple has broken the community’s back for good. Though there’s a team based in China that’s still working on new jailbreaks, and it […]

iOS 8.3 Arrives With New Emoji And More
For the past few months iOS 8.3 has been in the beta program. Several betas were seeded to developers and even the general public which were allowed to take part in the process. It was an extension of the beta program that Apple launched for OS X Yosemite late last year. Today Apple has finally released iOS 8.3 for everyone. The new software brings many new improvements for supported iPhone, iPad and […]

Messages In iOS 8.3 Beta Feature Automatic Spam Reporting
We give our phone numbers out to so many people including friends, family, people we’ve just met, companies, and so on that it really doesn’t come as a surprise that one day a marketing company gets hold of our number and tries to sell us something. We’re sure more often than not many of you guys have received similar spam messages on their phone.Now the good news is that if […]

iOS 8.3 Lets You Make Speakerphone Calls With 'Hey Siri'
iOS 8.0 brought a neat little feature for the iPhone when it was released late last year. If the phone was plugged in users could use the virtual private assistant by simply saying “Hey Siri.” They didn’t need to pick up the device or double-press the Home button. If this command was used to make a phone call the iPhone wouldn’t automatically route it to the speakerphone. Users would either have […]


Apple Kicks Off Public Beta For iOS 8.3
We reported recently that Apple could launch a public beta program for iOS. Last year when it unveiled OS X Yosemite it allowed members of the public to test the beta software before it was ultimately released for everybody. The company today announced that it is starting a beta program. It’s kicking things off with iOS 8.3. Interested users can sign up to test the beta firmware before it is released […]