There hasn’t been much movement in the jailbreak arena recently because it’s believed that Apple has made is significantly harder to break into its system. Some of the teams that were previously at the forefront of the jailbreak movement are now completely out of the picture and it seems like Apple has broken the community’s back for good. Though there’s a team based in China that’s still working on new jailbreaks, and it recently showed off the iOS 8.3 jailbreak at a security conference.

People who have kept up with jailbreak related developments in recent days would probably know about the Pangu Team, they’ve already demonstrated jailbreaks for multiple versions of iOS 8.x and recently did the same with iOS 8.3.

They showed off the iOS 8.3 jailbreak at the MOSEC security conference in Shanghai, it was merely a proof of concept though because so far the Pangu Team hasn’t released it to the public.

However there are reports that the team might consider releasing this jailbreak to the public once Apple seeds iOS 8.4, it would ensure that the company simply doesn’t patch the exploit with iOS 8.4.

The Pangu Team has previously released jailbreak tools for iOS 7.1.x and even iOS 8.1, so releasing their work to the public is nothing new for the team, the possibility exists that they might release it after iOS 8.4 drops.

As far as iOS 8.4 is concerned, another popular security researcher who goes by i0n1c has already demonstrated an iOS 8.4 beta 1 jailbreak.

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