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iPad Air 2 Image Leaked (Rumor)
When it comes to new and upcoming devices from Apple, you can be sure that there will be a slew of rumors attached to it – a press leak here, a rectangular picture over there, you get the idea. The alleged iPad Air 2 has come under the limelight yet again, where it has been put up for the world to see by’s Steve Hemmerstoffer via Twitter as you […]

Disney's New App Lets You Create Your Own Star Wars Video Universe
Ever wanted to create a Star Wars universe that you could truly call your own? If yes, then Disney’s new app is right up your alley. Today it launched the Star Wars Scene Maker application which lets fans of this epic franchise be the masters of their own Star Wars video universe. Given its purpose, the app is only available for the iPad, since you won’t be able to do any […]

Updated Facebook iPad App Brings Faster Access To Games
The world’s largest social network today announced an update for its iPad application. The updated Facebook iPad app brings a tweaked user interface that is going to be familiar to anyone who has used the social network on a desktop. A new content column has been added to the right-hand side of the display which will provide users with easy access to games as well as content trending on Facebook.

Apple Patent Describes Smart Cover With Built-in LEDs
Apple’s iPad Smart Cover has always been a pretty minimalistic and simple affair. It’s essentially a cover with magnets that helps protect your iPad’s screen, turns it on/off when open/closed. That’s pretty much all it does so if you were after something simple and clean, the Smart Cover could be what you’re after.However it seems that in a patent filed by Apple and discovered by Apple Insider, it looks like […]


T-Mobile Discounts Popular Tablets For Fathers' Day
With Fathers’ Day around the corner T-Mobile is offering potential customers an incentive to pick up a tablet from it. Starting today the carrier is offering discounts on some of its popular tablets. This promotion runs through till June 15th so there will be ample time to pick one up from T-Mobile.

Future MFi Headphones Could Connect Via The Lightning Port
Headphones are typically plugged into the 3.5mm audio jack on smartphones, tablets, media players, and even computers. There are headphones out there that might require the 1/4-inch plug, but for the most part, the 3.5mm jack is the more commonly found and used in consumer devices.However it seems that Apple might have other plans because the company has recently introduced a new specification for manufacturers that plan to take part […]

Xcode 6 Beta Hints At Larger iPhones And iPads
There have been talks that Apple could be looking to release a larger iPhone (or iPhones) later this year. There has also been mention of a certain iPad Pro which would pack a 12-inch display, noticeably larger than the iPad Air, a very much larger than the iPad mini. In fact such a device would allow it to compete with Microsoft’s recently announced Surface Pro 3.While those remain rumors for […]

iPad Arriving In Japan This June 10 Via NTT DOCOMO
NTT DOCOMO and Apple have come together to make an announcement that both the iPad Air as well as iPad mini with Retina display will be made available on the DOCOMO network starting from this Tuesday, June 10. The iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display will deliver the power and capability of the A7 chip, in addition to advanced graphics on a Retina display, as well as high-speed […]

Apple Reassures iCloud Not Compromised In Ransomware Hack
According to a report yesterday, many Australian Apple device owners found themselves unceremoniously locked out from their phones, tablets, and Macs. This is because whoever hacked their accounts used the Find My iPhone feature to lock their devices by adding a passcode where there was not one previously, and held the devices ransom until the owners transferred $50-$100 to an anonymous PayPal account.It had been speculated that this was only […]

Australian Apple Owners Find Themselves Locked Out From Their iDevices
Apple’s Find My iPhone service is a security feature introduced in iPhone devices. It’s meant to help the owner locate a stolen or lost iPhone, but it seems that the feature has turned out to be a double edged sword. According to a report from the Sydney Morning Herald from Australia, some Australian Mac, iPhone, and iPad owners have found themselves locked out from their own devices.As you can see […]

Split-Screen Multitasking Coming To iPad With iOS 8 [Rumor]
Since Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is merely a fortnight away we’re now hearing a lot of rumors about what the company might announce at the conference. We know that its going to show off new software since that’s what it does each year. Specific features are being rumored though. For example a new rumor suggests that iOS 8 might finally bring split-screen multitasking to the iPad.

Office For iPad Downloaded 27 Million Times
Back in March, Microsoft launched Office for iPad which was basically Microsoft’s suite of Office productivity apps designed for tablets. It turns out that the apps were well-received, especially since they managed to top the iTunes App Store Charts, and it was a couple of weeks later that its downloads had hit the 12 million mark.If you were thinking that the apps were a novelty and that people would eventually […]

Apple Still Relying Heavily On Samsung For iPad Displays
Despite Apple’s public disdain for Samsung, both companies still need each other for business. Apple relies heavily on Samsung to produce components used in their products, and with the amount of products that Apple ships, Samsung needs their business just as much as well. While there has been talk about Apple trying to reduce their reliance on Samsung, it seems that won’t be happening anytime soon.According to a report from […]

Belkin Announces QODE's Availability
Back in October 2013, Belkin announced the QODE which is basically a keyboard accessory for the iPad. Well it looks like after months of it having been announced, Belkin has officially announced that the QODE is now available for purchase, which is a little strange but better late than never, right?For those who missed the announcement from last year, the QODE is essentially a keyboard accessory that is usable together […]