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iPhone 4 costs $188 to build
According to market research firm iSuppli, the 1.7 million and going strong iPhone 4 costs a wee bit less than $188 to manufacture, with the Retina Display being the most expensive component at $28.50 a pop. Bear in mind that this cost does not factor in additional items including labor, shipping, advertising, software development, or patent licensing. This figure was based on a 16GB iPhone 4, and the use of […]

iPhone 4 display issues to go away with time?
Hmmm, it seems that the iPhone 4 isn’t exactly free from problems, similar to the HTC EVO 4G in some aspects, with problems concerning its screen as well as antenna. As for the former, it seems that the dreaded yellow spot problem will disappear from the iPhone 4’s display after a while, and some smart aleck on the AppleInsider forums seems to have come up with a pretty interesting (and […]

Aliph Jawbone ICON plays nice with new iPhone 4
We just have confirmation that the Jawbone ICON Bluetooth headset from Aliph will support the now available iPhone 4, which means proud owners of the new Apple handset will be able to take advantage of the visual battery meter that is displayed on the iPhone’s status bar, while letting iPhone users enjoy wireless freedom where music, podcasts, driving directions and audio streaming is concerned. Aliph also recently rolled out a […]

iPhone 4 launch plan leaked
Leaks are inevitable in the consumer electronics industry these days, and it seems that companies have staff who are much looser with their lips compared to days of old. The latest leak to make headlines would be the whole Best Buy launch plan for the iPhone 4 – where the two dozen page document outlines various topics such as Big Don’ts, Employee Purchases, SKUs and Pricing, Data Plan Requirements, iPhone […]


Email from Apple cancels iPhone 4 pre-order
There’s something strange, in the neighborhood, who you’re gonna call? Definitely not the Ghostbusters but a lawyer, especially when you receive an email from Apple as follows. Dear Customer, we were unable to complete the authorization process for your iPhone order. As a result, we had to cancel your iPhone order. To complete the purchase of your iPhone, please visit an Apple Retail Store or an AT&T company owned retail […]

iPhone 4 announced
The iPhone 4 has landed, and Steve Jobs claims that it will revolutionize the smartphone world in the same way the iPhone did when it was released three years ago. Offering over 100 new features, he will cover just 8 to whet our appetites. It is a beauty to behold, and we can’t deny that statement considering Apple’s recent track record, with the iPhone 4 sporting glass on the front […]

WWDC 2010 - iOS4, iPhone 4 and more
Bring on the big guns – in this case, the loose cannon known as Steve Jobs who was greeted with applause all round as he takes to the stage, espousing all the phenomenal sales figures of the magical iPad (one sold every 3 seconds) as well as the growth of the app market for the particular platform. More importantly, the iPad will get a built-in PDF viewing enhancement in the […]