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iPhone 4 is made in Brazil now
Flip over your iPhone 4, and chances are you would have come across the words “Assembled in China”, to keep the classic “Designed by Apple in California” sentence company. Well, this time around, the iPhone 4 that is spotted above no longer holds the classic “Assembled in China” words, but rather, has replaced it with “Industria Brasiliera”. A little bit of help from Google Translate would point towards this particular […]

iPhone 4 thinner than Samsung Galaxy S2, so says Advertising Standards Authority
Good thing Samsung advertised their Samsung Galaxy S2 as the thinnest Android-powered smartphone to date, otherwise Apple might have more grounds to sue the South Korean company after the Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the Apple iPhone 4 is the thinner phone of the two. This ruling came about after the Advertising Standards Authority had its hand forced due to a complaint concerning which is the thinner handset between both.

iPhone 4 mod makes logo glow
You can be more or less sure that you will be the toast of the crowd once you successfully implement this particular mod for your iPhone 4 – that is, to get the Apple logo at the back glowing. After all, this would by far help you stand out from the rest, even though others decide to spray paint their iPhones in all sorts of zany colors and designs. British […]

Apple's Asian suppliers build cheaper 8GB iPhones
It seems that the more affordable 8GB iPhone has moved on from mythical status to being a real product, as Asian suppliers to Apple have started working on the more affordable version of the iPhone 4 that will carry just 8GB of internal memory, according to a couple of folks who are in the know. The 8GB flash memory will be manufactured by a Korean company, although one half of […]


Samsung behind 25% of iPhone 4 parts
Does the title surprise you? It certainly did make me sit up quite a bit – after all, aren’t Samsung and Apple embroiled in a rather bitter legal feud at the moment, with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 being barred from hitting the market not only in Australia, but halfway around the world in most of Europe? Interestingly enough, the infographic on the right shows that Apple actually relies heavily on […]

Apple buys
Apple has at long last purchased the domain name on an official basis – and this has been a long time in coming, considering the 4th generation iPhone was rolled out to the masses last year. It seemed as though the Whois record for actually was transferred from Whois Privacy Services to Apple Inc just a couple of days ago, where the domain name would expire in 19 […]

Walmart 16GB iPhone 4 going cheap
Walmart is known to be a place that offers cheap deals for everyday goods, and the iPhone 4 could be said to fall under that category. After all, have you ever walked down a particularly busy street without seeing anyone wielding an iPhone 4 before? It is so commonplance now, and yet has lost none of its desirability. Well, Walmart has decided to sell the 16GB iPhone 4 for $147, […]

Pioneer AppRadio: In-Dash iPhone Apps
Earlier today Pioneer has showed us the Pioneer AppRadio, an in-dash device that integrates the iPhone 4 to your car in a way that no other solution does. AppRadio is basically a multi-touch display that is designed to be mounted and completely integrated to your car. You can view it as a peripheral for the iPhone 4, where the apps are displayed. In order to run on the AppRadio, iPhone […]

Rumor: Pegatron cuts CDMA iPhone 4 production early
Rumors are going around that Pegatron was asked to scale back the production of CDMA iPhone 4 models not by a small margin, but by a rather dramatic one. At first, the Taiwan supplier was tasked with churning out around 10 million units (we reported 15 million), but was told in no uncertain terms to significantly reduce the orders by at least half – without any reasons given (so far, […]

Apple store down, white iPhone 4 imminent?
Thanks to the MacRumors forums, whispers abound that the Apple store is already offline (even as at publishing time), and this normally happens when Apple is about to release a new product (or two). Of course, there is also the remote possibility that Apple is maintaining their website but of course our itching ears would prefer to lean towards the possibility of a white iPhone 4 hitting the markets once […]

White iPhone 4 has issues, materials and paint mix are the solutions
The white iPhone 4 from Apple has been a unicorn for the mobile industry of sorts, having been spotted from time to time and yet never really managed to make the jump from imagination to the corporeal world, although recent developments might suggest otherwise. Word has it that Apple has worked together with a Japanese company as they intend to develop a new material which would fix issues that have […]

White iPhone 4 pops up on AT&T online system
We do know that Vodafone Germany’s inventory system did show the presence of the fabled white iPhone 4 just last week, but here is another “shocker” (for some, at least) – AT&T’s online system also shows the same thing. Available on AT&T’s Online Account Management system (OLAM), it is read as “iPhone 4 – 16GB White” and “iPhone 4 – 32GB White.” Of course, neither of these are enough to […]

The iPhone 4's new clothes
The emperor’s new clothes takes on a whole new meaning with the iPhone 4, where it will now sport a fully transparent case all over – both the front and the back. Of course, this is totally different from what you are used to, which is a black iPhone 4, but then again this is a custom made iPhone 4 which you cannot purchase from anywhere else. It will require […]

Verizon iPhone announced
The Holy Grail is here – the Verizon iPhone has arrived. Expect to see millions of people flock over to Verizon from AT&T, where they will gladly accept the CDMA (non-LTE) version of the iPhone 4 – from next month onwards, of course. How many of you will have your contracts up by the end of this month, and will make the switch? The phone has apparently been in testing […]

AT&T slashes refurbished iPhone 4 prices
Do you love pre-loved units of consumer electronics? If the answer is in the affirmative, then you will be pretty happy to know that AT&T has made available refurbished iPhone 4s on a 2-year contract inclusive of new voice and data plans for $50 cheaper – that means a starting price of $79 at the very least, inclusive of free shipping. Of course, you still cannot escape the scourge of […]

White iPhone 4 might be canceled
Here’s an interesting development on the delay of the fabled white iPhone 4 – it seems that additional information pertaining to that story points toward the fact that Apple actually has no plans to roll out a white version of the iPhone 4, where the apparent “delay” might actually mean an iPhone 5 release time-frame of June or July 2011. Of course, some other folks might think otherwise, since a […]

White iPhone 4 with antenna design update?
Remember the white colored iPhone 4 that we looked at last week? Well, it could very well have been an invisible shield casing since the image above sports a black line which could very well be the black antenna bar that has been cut into the metal, moved or included in the middle right above the micro SIM slot to combat the poor reception issues for many people that plagued […]

White iPhone 4 spotted in New York
New York, New York! What a wonder you are, and folks from Pocket-Lint managed to grab a glimpse of a white-colored iPhone 4 which was being used by a mystery man. Having approached the owner on how he managed to get his hands around a delectable white iPhone 4 where no one else has managed to do so, he did mention that Apple’s HQ in Cupertino has plenty of white […]

China Mobile rolls out microSIM card
China Mobile attempts to entice potential iPhone 4 owners in that part of the world over to their side with the introduction of their very own microSIM card. This ought to be interesting, as not only China Unicom subscribers will be able to make the jump to a different carrier, as well as folks who picked up their iPhones from the grey market. At the moment, the microSIM will be […]

Apple knew about the antenna problem, says Bloomberg
Death Grip = I’m just holding my phone…Update 7/16/2010: Steve Jobs dismissed the Bloomberg story as being “total bullshit” at today’s Apple Press event. “Are you talking about the Bloomberg article? That’s a crock, and we’ve challenged them to show proof that that” (Steve Jobs)In the latest twist ahead of tomorrow’s press conference from Apple’s HQ, Bloomberg claims that the company executives, Steve Jobs among them, knew that the new […]