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Government Can Potentially Hack iPhones Without Backdoors
Recently, Apple dropped its plan to introduce encrypted iCloud backups after FBI complained.However, it seems that the government does not need to rely on smartphone manufacturers for help with backdoors to access someone’s device when required.In a series of tests conducted by the National Institue and Standard Technology (NIST) listed at the official website of Homeland Security – it looks like they already have a way to get access to […]

iPhone 11 Pro: Apple’s New Top Phone
During today’s Apple media event in Silicon Valley, the company has announced the iPhone 11 ($699+) and the iPhone 11 Pro ($999+), which also features its most powerful camera system to date.

Apple's Team Changes Hint At 5G Modem Design
Apple relies on external suppliers such as Qualcomm and Intel for iPhone modems but it has long been reported that the company is interested in designing its own modems. That would enable the company to reduce its reliance on suppliers and save money in the process. Some internal team changes at Apple now suggest that the company is looking to design 5G modems for iPhones.

Temporary Fix For iOS 12.1.2 Cellular Data Issue Identified
Apple released the iOS 12.1.2 firmware update last week to address some connectivity issues faced by older iPhones in a specific region. The update seems to have fixed the problem for users in that region while replicating it for users in other regions where the issue was not present before. However, a temporary fix for iOS 12.1.2 cellular data issue has been identified and it should be enough to hold […]


Apple May Consider Making iPhones Outside China
The ongoing trade dispute between Washington and China could impact the iPhone as well. The possibility that iPhones may get expensive due to tariffs imposed by the United States has been raised before. While that hasn’t happened as yet, Apple is reportedly considering its options, and they include moving production outside China.

Your iPhone's NFC Chip May Soon Let You Unlock Doors
There’s not much that you can do with the NFC chip in your iPhone currently aside from making purchases through Apple Pay. However, if a new report is to be believed, Apple will soon let users do much more with the NFC chip inside their iPhones. For example, it may allow users to unlock doors through the near-field communication chip.

Drones Used To Smuggle $80 Million Worth Of iPhones
Smugglers use all of the means at their disposal to avoid paying the dues required by law to legally clear products and while they’re often able to get away with it for quite some time, eventually they do get caught. That’s what happened to a group of smugglers in China that used drones to smuggle almost $80 million worth of iPhones from Hong Kong to China’s technology hub of Shenzhen. […]