Apple relies on external suppliers such as Qualcomm and Intel for iPhone modems but it has long been reported that the company is interested in designing its own modems. That would enable the company to reduce its reliance on suppliers and save money in the process. Some internal team changes at Apple now suggest that the company is looking to design 5G modems for iPhones.

Reuters reports that Apple has moved its modem chip engineering group into the in-house hardware technology group from its supply chain division. This is being taken as an indication that Apple is now seriously looking to develop its own modems.

Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technologies Johny Srouji has reportedly been tasked with the modem design project since January this year. He joined Apple’s team in 2008 to lead chip design and worked on the custom A series processors that you find in many iOS devices. Could this mean that Apple’s first 5G iPhone could come with an in-house modem?

Earlier rumors have suggested that Apple will opt for a Samsung or MediaTek modem for the first 5G iPhone. So nothing is set in stone just yet and we can expect to hear more about Apple’s modem design plans in the future.

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