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Marvel unveils new armor for Iron Man 3
Man meets machine at the Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego last week. Iron Man fanatics will be thrilled to know that Tony Stark’s new signature armor for the upcoming movie Iron Man 3 has just been unveiled. And judging from the photo above, it seems that the new armor is more golden than red. Iron Man 3 will be hitting theaters starting May 3 next year. And of course, it […]

Sarcos XOS 2 exoskeleton suit lets you live out your Iron Man dreams
Back in the day when I was a whole lot younger, being an Iron Man meant having a fully pumped up bod, as interest in the Iron Man comics were at a low ebb, since mutants had always proved to be hot property. Well, the casting of Robert Downey Jr. in the Marvel movie as Iron Man proved to be a masterstroke, reviving interest in said Avenger, but what about […]

DIY palm-mounted laser has the ability to blind and set fire to skin
Does anyone remember in the movie Iron Man 2, somewhere towards the big battle at the end where Iron Man emits lasers out of his hands to destroy all the evil robots in one fell swoop? That was pretty cool wasn’t it? As it turns out, that technology might not be impossible to replicate after all, although at the moment it probably won’t be able to slice metal into two […]

Iron Man 2 Tony Stark Mark V Briefcase Replica
Want to mean business the next time you pull up at a board meeting? Then the Iron Man 2 Tony Stark Mark V Briefcase Replica should do you justice, since it has a resemblance to the movie version that ought to get testosterone-filled colleagues in the boardroom sit up and take notice. Inside, it will come with a genuine leather interior and a custom molded lazer cut EVA foam (which […]


Iron Man Xbox 360 Casemod Up For Auction On eBay
If you can’t get enough of Iron Man, perhaps an Iron Man Xbox 360 casemod might be able to satisfy you. It was created by a 19-year old sculpture student and it looks pretty good, pretty much guaranteeing that anybody who looks at it will know that it’s trying to show an Iron Man theme. There’s even a cool looking Arc Reactor on the side of the console that sports […]

Awesome War Machine Armor
At a glance, you might think that it’s a CG rendering of an upcoming Iron Man movie, but it’s really the result of someone’s homemade War Machine armor. The creator of this suit used high-impact urethane for the armor, cutting it into plates, and joining them with some 1,500 rivets and washers. The Arc reactor and faceplace light up thanks to the batteries that are hidden within the suit itself. […]

Iron Man And War Machine Custom Sneakers With Arc Reactor
Looks like the Iron Man craze isn’t going to be over anytime soon. Aside from cool arc reactor clones, some folks want to bring Iron Man mania to their sneakers. Next up are some customized Nike sneakers that some folks have been working on, turning them into Iron Man and War Machine sneakers, complete with glowing arc reactors on the tongues. Seems like nowadays as long as you paint an […]

LG Ally Delayed Until May 27th
If you got swept away by the Iron Man 2 LG Ally campaign and pre-ordered the phone, there is a little bit of bad news for you. Verizon has apparently sent an email to folks who pre-ordered the device, advising them that the pre-order period has been extended until May 26th and that the device will be available on or after May 27th. Considering the phone was originally slated for […]

Turn Yourself Into Iron Man Via Augmented Reality
The Iron Man 2 movie is just around the corner, and if you’re having a hard time waiting for the movie to be released, we can empathize with you. The UK Iron Man 2 website has released a little something to help you get prepared for the movie. The website uses augmented reality (along with your webcam) to allow you to suit up your head using the Iron Man or […]

User Comes Up With His Own Assistant Like Iron Man's JARVIS
With the Iron Man 2 movie just around the corner, the digital life assistant that Chad Barraford came up with looks like it will fit in perfectly. While we’d all like a supercool home intelligence system like Iron Man’s JARVIS, but we wouldn’t mind what Chad has come up with too, especially since it can recognize him and more importantly, cook hot dogs. While he’s currently showing off his creation […]

Servo-controlled Iron Man Helmet
We all love robots, but in the end, it’s hard to think of a robot that’s cooler than Iron Man, and while we’re all busy waiting for Iron Man 2 to be released, a fan has come up with a really cool Iron Man armor, complete with a servo-controlled Iron Man helmet. It’s probably worth mentioning that the creator of this armor is the head of a professional prop-making studio, […]

Tony Stark heart for sale
We’re not talking about a real, beating human heart here, but a prop replica of the Arc Reactor in the movie Iron Man. Encased behind plexiglass with the “Proof that Tony Stark Has a Heart” line, the replica is highly detailed, featuring machined metal parts and copper wire to complement the high-intensity LEDs. This isn’t anywhere near as powerful as the fictional real thing though, since a quartet of AA […]