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Beyond Verbal Thinks That Voice Can Reveal Health Status
Beyond Verbal, a company that specializes in voice to emotion analysis, is making its analytics API available via Beyond mHealth Research Platform.The API also has an AI component that will help researchers find distinct patterns that would link health issues with voice. Beyond Verbal has done such research by itself, but believes that making its technology available to others will make a much bigger impact.

Use your webcam to fix your sitting posture
If you’re sitting in front of the computer all day (for work or for play), having a good posture is pretty important, especially if you want to avoid chronic back problems later in life. There are many ways to deal with it – you can get a ergonomic chair that forces you to sit up with good posture, you can get somebody who’s willing to watch over you while you’re […]

Israel 5MW solar field launched
Going green is the in thing, and has been for quite some time already. With fossil fuel slowly but surely running out in due time, there must be a better way to deliver energy to the world, and to use solar power that is renewable and clean, that makes perfect sense. Israel is not alone in its pursuit of solar energy taking over the majority of the nation’s power needs, […]

The Trim Slice is one slim computer
CompuLab, an Israel-based manufacturer that specializes in small computers have announced that they will be releasing another super small PC in the near future. Called the Trim Slice, this tiny PC really is something. Its dimensions are only 130 x 95 x 15 mm, which means that you’ll be able to carry it around in your pocket if you wanted. Of course you won’t have the mouse, keyboard and monitor […]


Interactive movie lets you choose your own ending
Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books that were all the rage among young people back in the 1980s? Well, it looks like technology has lent a helping hand this time around, letting you have a hand (literally) in interactive movies. Of course, you will still need to use your eyes to see what’s going on, but there will be a whole lot less reading involved, as your choices will […]

Robot snake is one enemy not to be trifled with
Trust the military to come up with high tech weapons that brings the world to its knees – this newest robotic snake from Israel already looks menacing on its own, and should you decide to throw caution to the wind and blow it up, do beware that it will just split into slightly smaller robotic snakes. After all, individual segments of this robotic snake will be self-contained, complete with a […]

Black Fox Active Adaptive IR Stealth System from Israel could usher in new age in warfare
Cloaking and stealth systems have long been the stuff of fantasies for many a military general, although they are commonplace in regular sci-fi movies. Well, the gap between fiction and reality could be bridged soon with Israeli start-up firm Eltics Ltd. releasing their Black Fox Active Adaptive IR Stealth System which is touted to pull off a David Copperfield – simply by letting a helicopter, tank or ship, vanish into […]