Going green is the in thing, and has been for quite some time already. With fossil fuel slowly but surely running out in due time, there must be a better way to deliver energy to the world, and to use solar power that is renewable and clean, that makes perfect sense. Israel is not alone in its pursuit of solar energy taking over the majority of the nation’s power needs, having just launched a spanking new 5MW solar field.

This is far removed from the 100MW solar farm that is located in the French Alps, and neither will it be able to hold a candle against Google’s investments in utility-scale solar in Nevada, but to have industrial-sized solar power plants spring up in a country? That starts to get less and less news and more and more “boring fact”. The coutnry’s first 5MW solar field is located at Kibbutz Ketura in the Arava Valley.

This is in line with Israel’s plans to have electric cars run in their country, and since the country itself is located in the Middle East with plenty of sunlight all year round, to have a solar field makes more than just common sense – it would be perfect sense.

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