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Apple launches Free App of the Week and Editor's Choice initiative
With over half a million apps to choose from on the iTunes App Store, how will you find the app that’s suited to your needs? While free apps are a great way to try out the app before purchasing, some apps don’t come with a free version, thus putting iOS users in a predicament as to whether they should fork out the money for it. Well it looks like Apple […]

Knockoff DreamBoard app spotted in iTunes App Store
iOS users with jailbroken devices are without a doubt pretty familiar with the DreamBoard tweak. For those unfamiliar, this tweak will allow users with jailbroken devices to apply custom themes and give their devices a completely new look far different from what the stock UI iOS offers. Oddly enough for a jailbreak tool, it seems to have made its way onto the iTunes App Store, or has it? iOS users […]

Apple sued by parents over accidental in-app purchases made by their children
I’m not sure about you guys, but there are times when I would rather pay full price for an app and leave it at that, as opposed to a freemium app whereby additional content of the game will have to be unlocked through in-app purchases. While the freemium model is a pretty good one as far as developers are concerned, parents don’t seem too thrilled by it and have since […]