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Spotify Wants Users to Circumvent The iTunes App Store
In case you didn’t know this, but Apple charges developers a 30% cut for in-app purchases. This has resulted in services and apps such as ComiXology to remove its in-app purchase system in favor of purchasing via the web instead to avoid giving Apple the cut. It is also why Spotify has recently started to tell its users to circumvent the iTunes App Store.Subscribing to Spotify Premium only costs $9.99, […]

Apple Promotes Apps Without In-App Purchases On iTunes
A few years ago, most apps would either be free or be a paid app, and in some cases the free version is the “lite” version meant to tempt the user into upgrading to the fully paid one. However these days the freemium model is the dominating model where apps are free, but in-app purchases are how the developers make their money.Now if you’re not a fan of such apps […]

Apple Increases App Size Limit to 4GB
Ever since Apple introduced higher resolutions to their smartphones, it meant that app sizes had to be increased as well to accommodate the larger image files. However the more powerful hardware also meant that apps could become more complex and go beyond what we have seen since smartphones started to become mainstream.The good news for those looking for more complex apps is that Apple has recently announced that they are […]

European iTunes App Store To See Changes In Price Jan 1st 2015
For our readers in Europe who purchase apps from the iTunes App Store, here’s something that you might want to take note of. Recent reports have revealed that Apple has recently begun to send out emails to iOS developers, informing them that there will be a change to the way that taxes are handled in the European iTunes App Store.Instead of applying the same VAT rate across the European iTunes […]


Some Users Unhappy About Apple's (RED) App Store Push Notifications
As you might have heard, Apple has recently turned the logo of its stores red in order to promote the (RED) campaign that helps fight against AIDS. However iOS users might have also recently received a notification on their phone informing them about apps that support the (RED) cause. While the (RED) campaign is a noble one, it seems that there are some who are criticizing Apple’s use of the […]

Apple Begins Testing Related Search Suggestions In App Store
If you’re trying to search for apps on the iTunes App Store, it seems that Apple has recently begun testing a search suggestions feature on the app store. As you can see in the screenshot above, the related search feature is place below the search bar itself, so for example if you were to search for “calendar”, which is a pretty generic term, suggestions might include calendar planners, daily planners, […]

iTunes App Store Gets An "Indie Game Showcase" Section
If there’s one thing great about indie games is that sometimes they tend to surprise us with their gameplay. It is because the games are indie games and don’t necessarily face the pressures and expectations that comes from big name developers, publishers, and triple A titles that the developers are free to explore all sorts of avenues.Journey was a great example of an indie game which many gamers, including the […]

Clones And Free-To-Play Titles Have "Soured" iTunes App Store Experience, According To Report
Apple’s iOS platform is one that many developers opt to develop for first. Perhaps it’s more lucrative, perhaps the developers are iOS fans themselves, we’re not sure, but according to a recent report in the Edge, it has been suggested that due to clone games and free-to-play titles, the app store experience has been “soured”.As gamers are probably well-aware of, there are plenty of cloned games in the App Store. […]

Apple Believes They Changed The Definition Of "App"
The term “app” is being thrown around a lot these days, and while initially used to describe downloadable software for smartphones and tablets, it has started to apply to software running on computers as well. Technically it’s not far from the truth as “app” is an abbreviation for “application”, but it seems that Apple thinks that they have the right to the term because they feel that they were the […]

Apple Making Several Top Apps Free As Part Of App Store's 5th Anniversary
If there were a couple of apps you saw in Apple’s iTunes App Store that you were meaning to get, but were holding off due to its price, now might be a good time to do so. It seems that in conjunction with the upcoming fifth anniversary of iOS’ App Store, Apple has gone ahead and made several of its higher ranking apps free for download! We’re not sure if […]

Apps Required To Gross $47k A Day To Earn A Spot In App Store's Top 10 Paid Apps
 Ever wonder how some apps make it into the iTunes App Store’s Top 10 list? Obviously they’re popular apps, that much is a given, but if you wanted the semantics, a study conducted by Distimo has suggested that for an app to make it into the Top 10 grossing apps, it would require the app to bring in $47,000 every day in paid downloads! That’s a lot of money! For […]

Netflix iOS App Update Brings New Design And Episode Selector
Netflix has been in the news today as it released its quarterly letter to shareholders, but that’s not the only thing they did today. The Netflix iOS app has been updated, though its not a major revamp, it does bring some subtle design changes as well as an episode selector. Netflix app’s user interface has been slightly improved, users can now flip through content that they have already started watching […]

Google Drive iOS App Update Brings Landscape Editing
The Google Drive app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has been updated today. The new update brings the version number up of 1.30. It adds one very nice feature that greatly enhances user experience of Google Drive. The app now supports editing of documents and spreadsheets in landscape mode. This minor update also ensures that Google Drive loads faster than ever before and offers quicker editing support. The usual plethora […]

Apple Updates iTunes App Store With Age Rating Tags At The Top
For most of us, we are able to tell which apps are meant for kids, and which are more, well, grown-up friendly. However it seems that there are parents out there who are concerned about the apps in iTunes App Store and how Apple has not clearly stated which apps are suitable for kids, and which aren’t. Apple has since updated their iTunes App Store by posting age rating tags […]

Apple's New App Store Submission Guidelines Requires All Apps To Be Compatible With Retina Displays
I’m not sure about you guys, but I realized that there are still quite a few apps out there that have yet to take advantage of the iPhone 5’s taller display. While the black frames help the app to blend in with the black iPhone 5, I find myself missing keys because I’m used to the taller display. It’s not a big issue but apparently Apple is looking to standardize […]

Apple Getting Closer To Refunding Over 23m iTunes Users Over Accidental In-App Purchases
Remember the other day when it was reported that a 5-year old boy in the UK managed to rack up over $2,500 worth of in-app purchases? His case is definitely not the first nor will it be the last, but it looks like Apple is beginning to take it seriously and could be looking at refunding over 23 million iTunes users for amounts over $30. According to a report from […]

New iTunes App Store Submission Policy Could Help Cut Down On Scams
One of the popular ways that scammers use to trick users into downloading and paying for fake apps on the iTunes App Store would be to submit their app with legitimate screenshots, and then switch them out once they have been approved to resemble another popular app. Scams for Pokemon and Minecraft have been brought to light in the past and it looks like Apple is finally doing something about […]

US Judge Throws Out "Appstore" False Advertising Claims By Apple
Some of you guys might have remember that a couple of years ago, Apple and Amazon went to court over the “Appstore” name, with Apple claiming that the “App Store” was their trademark and that Amazon truncating it to “Appstore” was not good enough. Amazon then asked the courts to throw out the lawsuit against them and it looks like Amazon has finally gotten their wish, or at least a […]

Apple increase app prices in European iTunes App Store due to changes in exchange rate
If you’re living in Europe and you were thinking about getting your first iOS device, you might be interested to learn that last Friday, it seems that Apple has bumped the prices up in its European iTunes App Store. This was primarily due to the exchange rate changes, where now the minimum price of an app in the iTunes App Store will go for $1.15. One developer thinks that Apple […]

Apple ID passwords apparently no longer required for free app downloads or updates, according to latest iOS 6 beta
Originally discovered by a Reddit user, it seems that there is one feature that made its way into iOS 6’s beta that might be a welcome change for iOS users. According to the report, it seems that in iOS 6, the Apple iTunes App Store no longer asks the user for their password when updating apps or when downloading free apps. In case you didn’t know, when downloading apps, even […]