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Apple Music Library And iTunes Match Limits Raised To 100,000 Tracks
An average person who likes to listen to music is unlikely to have a collection that has 25,000 tracks, on the contrary there are countless fans out there who might scoff at this limit. There have been calls on Apple to raise the matching limits for Apply Music library and iTunes Match. It appears that the change has been made for good as the match limit rises to 100,000 tracks.

iTunes Music Library Matching Limit Will Increase Before End Of 2015
Earlier this year it was announced that Apple will be bumping the limit of iTunes Match (and Apple Music’s similar feature) from 25,000 to 100,000. The increase was meant to be settled by the time iOS 9 was rolled out, but safe to say that it has not arrived. However according to Apple exec Eddy Cue, that change will take place before the end of the year.This is according to […]

iTunes Match Upload Limit May Have Been Increased To 100,000 Songs
iTunes Match users might finally see their upload limits being increased to 100,000 songs. Apple promised back in June that it’s going to increase the limit from 25,000 to 100,000 in the near future but since then the company has not really provided any updates on the process. Later that month it was said that the company plans on reaching the 100K in time for iOS 9 release and now […]

Latest Update To iTunes Fixes iTunes Match Bug
Given that no software/service release is guaranteed to run smoothly, such was the case when Apple Music went live. For the most part, it seemed that Apple Music worked, but there were some users who were subscribed to both iTunes Match and Apple Music who ran into some issues with their songs.Namely some iTunes Match users were claiming that Apple Music caused the deletion of their entire music libraries, and […]


iTunes Match Will Have Its Song Limit Increased To 100,000
Now we’re not sure how many songs you might have in your library. You could be a simple user with a couple of hundred, or you might be a hardcore music lover who has built up their library over the years and now have tens of thousands of songs, but we suppose there are also some who are extreme and might even have more than a 100,000 songs.