iTunes Match users might finally see their upload limits being increased to 100,000 songs. Apple promised back in June that it’s going to increase the limit from 25,000 to 100,000 in the near future but since then the company has not really provided any updates on the process. Later that month it was said that the company plans on reaching the 100K in time for iOS 9 release and now it looks like it may have indeed reached its goal.


It merits mentioning here that Apple has still not officially confirmed the limit increase, the website still retains it at 25,000, but multiple users are confirming on reddit that their limit has indeed been bumped up to 100,000 songs.

From the looks of it the increased limit is either being put to the test with a select number of users or it was rolled out ahead of schedule, either way, we expect the situation to become clear in the near future.

Since launch the iTunes Match upload limit has been capped at 25,000 and while that might seem like much, it’s not unheard of people having ever larger collection, so they have to give up on Match altogether to use workarounds like keeping multiple libraries.

The increased limit will certainly be welcomed by those iTunes Match users who have large collections and would want them stored up in the cloud, lets just hope Apple clears up the matter officially soon enough.

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