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Apple And U2 Possibly Working Together On New Album Formats
Giving away albums with smartphone purchases isn’t new. In fact this is something that companies such as Sony have done in the past, and it is what Apple has recently done where they gave away U2’s Songs of Innocence album to all of its iTunes customers. Now according to a report from Billboard, it seems that Apple and U2’s partnership is far from over.Speaking to Guy Oseary, U2’s manager, it […]

U2's Songs Of Innocence Has Been Downloaded 2 Million Times From iTunes
It turns out that the rumors were right about U2’s participating at Apple’s event and that how the the band’s new album, Songs of Innocence, would be free for download for all iTunes users. That being said, some of you guys might have noticed that the album has been preloaded on your devices and all you’d have to do is click download to save it on your phone.Well so the […]

Songs Of Innocence By U2 Free For All iTunes Users
It was rumored a few weeks back that U2 will make an appearance at the event where Apple is going to show off its new iPhones. That rumor was rubbished recently but yesterday the New York Times ran a report saying that U2 would indeed be present at the event. Once Apple was done with today’s announcements the legendary rock band was called out on stage where it performed a […]

iTunes Store Outage Lasted Hours
Apple’s iTunes Store experienced an outage that lasted for a few hours, and needless to say, the downtime affected the likes of music, app and e-book downloads. Apple has already acknowledged the situation, having confirmed that an unknown issue has actually negatively affected its digital storefronts which resulted in the inability for users to perform purchases, or even to download items and re-download content from not only the iTunes Music […]


8-Bit Baby Sends Newborns To Sleep With Video Game Lullabies
For those of you who grew up on a steady diet of video games, just how many of the tunes of the classic titles do you remember that you would love to impart to your next generation, so that they too, are able to continue the “good fight”, so to speak? Well, perhaps you can start them young with this particular album of lullabies, made possible courtesy of brothers Mark […]

Apple Releases iTunes 12 Beta Sporting A New Design
We knew that with OS X 10.10 Yosemite that Apple would be introducing some visual changes to the operating system, and it looks like with the new beta of Yosemite being seeded to developers, Apple also released a preview of the upcoming iTunes 12, which according to Apple will sport an “elegant new design”, as you can see in the screenshot above.Based on what we can see, it looks like […]

2014 iTunes Festival Lineup Revealed
September is going to be a great month full of music for folks in London. Apple today announced the 2014 iTunes Music Festival lineup. There will be a total of 60 acts throughout the month of September at the Roundhouse in London. Tickets are available for free through a lottery system. However those who can’t make it to London to watch the performances live and tune in to the action through […]

Apple Brings iTunes Pass To The US And Australia
A couple of days ago, Apple announced a new service called iTunes Pass for those in Japan, however if you were wondering what it is and what it does, you might be pleased to learn that Apple has since extended the program where it is now available in the US and Australia, and we expect that it will soon start making its way to other countries in the future.So what […]

Apple Reportedly Removing 90 Second Song Previews For Popular Tracks
The concept of trying before you buy is not a new one. We do that with clothes, we do that with apps, and we do that with music. Now previously Apple had allowed listeners to sample up to 90 seconds of a song as long as the song itself was longer than 2 minutes 30 seconds, which seems fair, since long songs can’t be judged in which a short period […]

iTunes Extras Land On Apple TV, Coming To iOS 8 This Fall
As the name suggests, iTunes Extras include additional content that customers receive when they purchase a movie through Apple’s content store. However up till now the company has restricted access to this content which users could only view through iTunes on the desktop. That changes today with the iTunes 11.3 update. Now iTunes Extras will show up alongside any purchased HD films and users will also be able to access the […]

App Store Sales To Outgrow iTunes Sales, Analyst Predicts
Over the past few  years, one of Apple’s sources of revenue was from selling music via their iTunes store. However it seems that either our consumption patterns have changed, or if rivals are stealing Apple’s business, but it has been noted by Morgan Stanley analyst, Katy Huberty, that sales from iTunes have been declining, and that Apple’s App Store has been growing in its place.In fact as you can see […]

Apple Releases iTunes 11.2 With Minor Improvements
The company today rolled out a couple of software updates and an update to iTunes is rolling out as well. iTunes 11.2 is now available for both Mac and Windows. Since its not a big update in any way you won’t find any major features however it does bring a few improvements that will make the overall user experience much better.

Apple Is World's Second Largest Online Retailer [Report]
We know that Apple sells its products online via its website and also at its brick and mortar retail stores. Apple also sells products via its iTunes App Store in the form of movies, music, e-books, apps, and so on, and when you combine those two, it seems that it would make Apple the second largest online retailer in the world, placing them behind Amazon.This is according to a recent […]

Spotify's Revenue In Europe Could Soon Surpass iTunes
Perhaps back in the day when other music services weren’t as popular, Apple’s iTunes was considered the king of the hill. This was further exemplified by Apple launched iOS devices in which iTunes played a bit part of in terms of its ecosystem, but it seems that Apple’s initial unwillingness to launch a streaming platform could lead to Spotify overtaking it in terms of revenue.According to Spotify’s head of label […]