Apple Hit With Lawsuit In Europe Over “iWatch” Moniker

Prior to the Apple Watch being announced, many were speculating that Apple had a wearable in the works and many had dubbed it the iWatch. Given Apple’s propensity to name their products starting with an “i” i.e. iPhone, iPad, iCloud, iPod, and iTunes, many assumed that the simplistic iWatch could be the final product.However obviously many were wrong and it seems that the reason why Apple did not go with […]

Tim Cook Referred To iWatch In Interview

We did mention that Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, has stated on how the iPhone 6’s release will trigger the “mother of all upgrades”, and only the passage of time will prove him to be wise and so future forward looking compared to the rest of the industry, or he was simply displaying misplaced enthusiasm and positivism. Having said that, Apple also did roll out a piece of wearable technology […]