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Jabra Motion Series Employs Sensor Technology In Headsets
Jabra has gone one step further in the design of its Motion series Bluetooth headsets by introducing motion sensors. The device will react to the user’s movements and will operate accordingly.Perhaps the best feature of motion sensor technology placed in the Jabra Headset will be the call pickup feature, when you pick up the headset. It also adjusts the call volume according to the noise level around the user with […]

Jabra's Speak 510 Series Is Built With The Mobile User In Mind
Jabra, the manufacturer of wireless and corded speakers, is announcing the launch of its Jabra Speak 510 Series. A spin-off of its successful Speak 410 Series, Jabra’s 510 Series is built and designed for mobile users. There are basically two models under the 510 Series – the Speak 510+ and Speak 510. The Speak 510+ is cordless and uses a dongle for controls. The result is a wireless system for […]

Jabra Touts Revo Wireless, Revo, & Vox Stereo Headphones At CES 2013
[CES 2013] Jabra, the creator of innovative headset and speakerphone solutions, is announcing a brand new line of stereo headphones at CES 2013. Taking off from the success of its Solemate Bluetooth portable speakers, Jabra is proud to announce the Jabra Revo Wireless, Jabra Revo (corded), and Jabra Vox in-ear headphones. Jabra says that its newest headphones are designed to be “used and abused.” Basically, the Jabra Revo Wireless and […]

Jabra Solemate Bluetooth portable speakers unveiled
If you’re in the market for a new set of portable speakers, Jabra might have something for you in the form of the Solemate. Normally known for their Bluetooth headsets, the Solemate would be Jabra’s foray into the portable speaker market and based on the design of the device, well it certainly is unique to say the least. Featuring Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, the Solemate will sport a rubberized casing that […]


Jabra WAVE – now in red and with A2DP support
Jabra has announced the launch of its new Jabra WAVE Bluetooth mono headset. Previously only available in black, the wireless headset is now available in a jazzy red color with an additional feature – A2DP functionality which allows users to stream music from their smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player in addition to its standard function as a hands-free device for your smartphone. The Jabra WAVE also features HD Voice technology […]

Jabra SUPREME active noise-cancelling mono headset announced
If you’re looking for a hands-free device to help you make calls when you’re busy outdoors and the current crop of Bluetooth headsets available aren’t good enough sufficient for your needs, Jabra might have the solution for you. Called the Jabra SUPREME, this new headset is touted as the world’s first Bluetooth mono headset with Active Noise Cancellation Technology.With the Jabra SUPREME, users will be able to use keep their […]

Jabra PRO 900 Series unveiled
When it comes to Bluetooth devices, one of the longest standing names in the market would be Jabra – back in the day when Bluetooth connectivity on handsets were first introduced, Jabra was already there with their ready suite of devices to help you live out the hands-free and wireless life, while your mates had to deal with a tangled mess of wires to carry on a conversation. Fast forward […]

Jabra STREET2 is one stylish Bluetooth pendant
Jabra, a company known for its wireless headsets and accessories for smartphones has just announced the addition of yet another device to its hands-free kit lineup. Called the STREET2, this stylish Bluetooth device comes in the form of a dog-tag pendant that hangs around your neck. Users can then plug in their favorite headphones to enjoy their music and calls with the device.What’s special about the STREET2 is that it […]

Jabra SUPREME: first Bluetooth mono headset with active noise cancellation technology
Jabra has just announced the launch of its new Bluetooth headset called the Jabra SUPREME. Touting it as the first of its kind, the Jabra SUPREME is said to be the first mono headset with active noise cancellation technology. Noise cancellation, a feature usually found in high-end stereo headsets enhances the listening experience of the wearer so that they’ll be able to hear the person on the other line with […]

Jabra Drive Bluetooth speakerphone
Jabra has just announced a spanking new Bluetooth speakerphone for the masses known as the Drive. That’s really simple, no? Capable of hooking up to a couple of devices simultaneously, it requires no form of setup – and it is smart enough to speak out its own status messages for your attention. Apart from that, it will also stream audio from a GPS device or smartphone, while doubling up as […]

Jabra PRO 9450 wireless headset for the office announced
You won’t really go wrong when it comes to Jabra as a brand for wireless communications, as the company has been in this market for a long, long time already. To update their award-winning portfolio of PRO Series wireless headset solutions, Jabra decided to unveil the Jabra PRO 9450 that you see on the right. Targeting businesses who have the vision of Unified Communications, this new model will make it […]

Jabra STONE2 now on sale
Late last year, Jabra, a Danish company; introduced a revolutionary Bluetooth headset called the STONE2, earning the acclaim of the industry, including a prestigious CES Best of Innovation award for the best wireless handset accessory of 2011. The stylish, hi-tech, one-of-a-kind Bluetooth headset is now available for purchase.In case you’re not familiar with the STONE2, it is a wireless Bluetooth headset that can do more than just answer your phone […]

Logitech works with GN Netcom/Jabra
Logitech continues in their efforts to see unified communications (UC) grow, and hence has decided to announced a collaboration with GN Netcom – and to kick off this particular partnership, they have decided to expanding their product portfolio to include a bunch of headsets and speakerphones from GN Netcom’s award-winning Jabra line. Logitech will of course, make an initial selection of Jabra audio devices, where they will be co-branded “Logitech […]

Jabra FREEWAY speakerphone offers added flexibility
Jabra, one of the first names that will probably come to your mind when Bluetooth devices are concerned, has just announced their latest product – the Jabra FREEWAY. This revolutionary new speakerphone will come with an industry-first three speaker system, not to mention HD Ready Voice for superior audio quality regardless of whether you’re making or receiving the call. It will also be compatible with just about any other decent […]