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Jabra Announces The Elite Active 75t True Wireless Earbuds
Jabra is no stranger to the true wireless earbuds game. The company had previously launched such devices like the Elite Active 65t, but in case you think that the company’s earbuds could be smaller, then you might be interested to learn that Jabra has since announced the Jabra Elite Active 75t.

Jabra’s Elite 85h Noise-Cancelling Headphones Comes With Alexa, Google Assistant
#CES2019 – A couple of years ago, the headphones scene was very different. We were mostly treated to wired headphones that did pretty much what it was intended for. However these days with digital assistants being more commonplace, and with handset makers ditching the headphone jack, it is a very different scene.

Jabra Elite 65e Earbuds Launched With Active Noise Cancellation
Jabra is a company that some of you might be familiar with when it comes to audio products, and if you are a fan of their offerings or are simply in the market for a new set of headphones, the company has recently announced its latest headphones in the form of the Jabra Elite 65e. These are a pair of wireless behind-the-neck earbuds with built-in active noise cancellation.

Jabra Unveils New Wireless Headphones
[CES 2018] If wireless headphones are something that you’re after, CES 2018 has certainly not disappointed. Recently Sony unveiled a trio of wireless headphones, but in case Sony wasn’t really your speed or had what you wanted, not to worry because Jabra also has a trio of offerings for you as well.


Jabra Unveils Elite 25e Wireless Headphones
#IFA2017 – Wireless headphones seem to be the trend at IFA this year, and the folks at Jabra are certainly helping it along as the company has recently announced the Jabra Elite 25e. As you can see in the photo above, these are “true” wireless headphones unlike the Beoplay E8, but rather they are also known as “neckbuds”.

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness (2016)
It’s almost the end of the year which means that it will soon be the New Year, which means that it’s time for New Year Resolutions again. If one of your New Year Resolutions is to be healthy, to lose weight, to build muscles, or to train for some sporting event, these are a list of gadgets that would make the perfect gift for yourself, or someone you know. Alternatively […]

Jabra Unveils Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds With Fitness Tracking
Headphones were designed to do one thing, and that is transmit audio. However these days with there being so many devices for separate activities, it can be overwhelming, which means if you wanted music and track your fitness at the same time, you’d have to have your smartphone, your headphones, and a fitness tracker.

Improved Jabra Sport Pulse and Jabra Sport Coach Special Editions Launched
Jabra has expanded its wireless sports headphone lineup today with the Jabra Sport Pulse and Jabra Sport Coach Special Editions which are basically improved versions of their predecessors. The Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition has been optimized for running and the company says that it’s the world’s first sports headphone that features automatic and continuous VO2 Max fitness testing.

Jabra’s New Headphones Can Be Prescribed By Doctors
When it comes to prescriptions issued by doctors, we’re mainly looking at medication. However it seems that it would now be possible for doctors to prescribe headphones to patients, or to be more specific, Jabra’s recently launched Sport Pulse wireless headphones can now be prescribed by doctors.

Jabra’s Wireless Sport Coach Earbuds Comes With A Built-in Trainer
We’re sure that getting fit and healthy is a goal that many, many people make as part of their New Year’s resolution, but how often do you carry through with that goal? For those who are trying to get into it but aren’t sure how to go about doing the different exercises, you might be interested in the Jabra Sport Coach.The Sport Coach is a pair of wireless earbuds that […]

Jabra Move Wireless Headphones Delivers Sound In Style
There is nothing quite like a wireless experience when it comes to listening to your favorite music. After all, cables tend to end up in a bunch even if you leave them alone, and untangling all of those cables could prove to be quite a challenge – an infuriating one at that, too. Jabra knows this, which is why they have just announced the Move wireless headphones that are lightweight, […]

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds Does More Than Just Music
Now it is not everyday that we see a pair of earbuds that will not only deliver quality music to your ears, but it will also groove to those who happen to be avid gym goers. Enter the Jabra Sport Pulse wireless earbuds that is an all-in-one training solution as it works in tandem alongside the Jabra Sport Life application. Merging an in-ear biometric heart rate monitor, the Jabra Sport […]

Jabra Re-envisions Call Center Headset With BIZ 2300
When it comes down to innovative audio solutions, I am quite sure that a fair number of us have heard of the name Jabra before. Well, Jabra intends to deliver what they see as the future of call center headsets, by introducing the Jabra BIZ 2300. In a nutshell, Jabra has taken a look at the role of the headset in the contact center, and decided to change things from […]

Jabra Solemate Mini And Revamped Solemate Speaker Launched
Jabra announced today that it is expanding its music lineup with a new ultra-portable version its popular Jabra Solemate speaker. Jabra Solemate Mini has been launched today, it is a compact speaker that delivers “surprisingly big sound,” according to the company. Given its small size, the Solemate Mini acts as a good travel companion for those who need a little more kick than their mobile device speakers can muster, on […]

Jabra Motion Series Employs Sensor Technology In Headsets
Jabra has gone one step further in the design of its Motion series Bluetooth headsets by introducing motion sensors. The device will react to the user’s movements and will operate accordingly.Perhaps the best feature of motion sensor technology placed in the Jabra Headset will be the call pickup feature, when you pick up the headset. It also adjusts the call volume according to the noise level around the user with […]

Jabra's Speak 510 Series Is Built With The Mobile User In Mind
Jabra, the manufacturer of wireless and corded speakers, is announcing the launch of its Jabra Speak 510 Series. A spin-off of its successful Speak 410 Series, Jabra’s 510 Series is built and designed for mobile users. There are basically two models under the 510 Series – the Speak 510+ and Speak 510. The Speak 510+ is cordless and uses a dongle for controls. The result is a wireless system for […]

Jabra Touts Revo Wireless, Revo, & Vox Stereo Headphones At CES 2013
[CES 2013] Jabra, the creator of innovative headset and speakerphone solutions, is announcing a brand new line of stereo headphones at CES 2013. Taking off from the success of its Solemate Bluetooth portable speakers, Jabra is proud to announce the Jabra Revo Wireless, Jabra Revo (corded), and Jabra Vox in-ear headphones. Jabra says that its newest headphones are designed to be “used and abused.” Basically, the Jabra Revo Wireless and […]

Jabra Solemate Bluetooth portable speakers unveiled
If you’re in the market for a new set of portable speakers, Jabra might have something for you in the form of the Solemate. Normally known for their Bluetooth headsets, the Solemate would be Jabra’s foray into the portable speaker market and based on the design of the device, well it certainly is unique to say the least. Featuring Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, the Solemate will sport a rubberized casing that […]

Jabra WAVE – now in red and with A2DP support
Jabra has announced the launch of its new Jabra WAVE Bluetooth mono headset. Previously only available in black, the wireless headset is now available in a jazzy red color with an additional feature – A2DP functionality which allows users to stream music from their smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player in addition to its standard function as a hands-free device for your smartphone. The Jabra WAVE also features HD Voice technology […]

Jabra SUPREME active noise-cancelling mono headset announced
If you’re looking for a hands-free device to help you make calls when you’re busy outdoors and the current crop of Bluetooth headsets available aren’t good enough sufficient for your needs, Jabra might have the solution for you. Called the Jabra SUPREME, this new headset is touted as the world’s first Bluetooth mono headset with Active Noise Cancellation Technology.With the Jabra SUPREME, users will be able to use keep their […]