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Microsoft Debuts Zo, A New AI-Based Chatbot
Earlier this year, Microsoft tried to get into the chatbot game by debuting a chatbot called Tay. Unfortunately the way it was designed allowed the bot to pick up on negative things said by users, such as sexist or racist comments, which led to Microsoft quickly pulling the plug and apologizing profusely over the snafu.

Kik Introduces Bot Store
Are chat bots or AI bots going to gain more and more popularity, and when they do, would they be able to help creepy looking and lifelike robots be even more realistic? Only time will be able to tell, but it looks like one of North America’s most used chat apps, Kik, will be heading in the direction of bots by introducing a Bot store.

Kik Messenger Now Has An In-Chat Web Browser
Kik is just one of the many cross-platform instant messaging apps that are jostling for space on your smartphone and today it announced the launch of a new feature which is surely going to interest many users. The app now features a full web browser that users can summon in-chat, it’s a major upgrade from the in-app sidebar browser that has already been available to Kik users for quite some time.The […]

Kik Reaches 100 Million Users, Adds 200,000 Each Day
There is no shortage of cross-platform instant messaging applications. There’s market leader WhatsApp with over 350 million users and then there are other strong players such as Viber, Line, Kik etc all of which have seen substantial growth in recent years. Even BlackBerry Messenger saw a surge in its user base once it was finally opened up to iOS and Android. Kik has achieved a major milestone, CEO Ted Livingston announced […]


BlackBerry And Kik Settle Instant Messaging Patent Lawsuit
BlackBerry sued Kik back in 2010 for allegedly infringing on its instant messaging patents. It claimed that Kik made “false and/or misleading statements” and that it caused “confusion” in the market between BBM and Kik. It has now been announced that both parties have settled the patent lawsuit out of court and that there is no legal action pending between both companies. BlackBerry confirms that the case has been dismissed, but […]