kik-botsAre chat bots or AI bots going to gain more and more popularity, and when they do, would they be able to help creepy looking and lifelike robots be even more realistic? Only time will be able to tell, but it looks like one of North America’s most used chat apps, Kik, will be heading in the direction of bots by introducing a Bot store.

With Facebook being another leading light in the industry that is widely rumored to make a foray into chat bots in due time, Kik too, would like to make a splash in this department. According to the Canada-based company, 70% of its 275 million registered users who are aged between 13 and 24, which would make them a huge market for its service. With a bot store opened within its app, as well as offering the right tools for any developer or brand to conjure up their own bot, we already have 15 bots up and running from established companies. Some of these will include Vine, Riffsy and FunnyOrDie, games such as TicTacToeBot, as well as other kinds of specific use apps in the vein of The Weather Channel and Sephora, the cosmetics store.

Of course, here’s hoping that chat bots don’t pick up the nasty quality of being racist, right?

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